My Game Project :)

I figured since I kind of got most of the current main characters sort of set in my head and also am working on their sprites (and also been mentioning this game project for a long while now), I figure to show off a little preview/concept that I’m happy with. I had gone through making several version of all my characters before settling with heavy edits/addition to Wonderland/Norn Saber Online sprites with some Ragnarok Online parts, etc. This game I’m working on is gonna be totally free, but it’s also my first real serious gaming making project, so gonna see how it goes :D It’ll certainly take some time before it’s finished, but I feel I could have a demo/sample made this year. *crosses fingers*
Right now my project is called/dubbed “Darkness Beneath a Silent Moon”, but that title may change completely on the finished game. I’m just not sure what else to title it as it’s story development and set up has changed drastically from it’s original concept a few years ago. Originally, the story was set when Ethan is an adult, but then later on I somehow got to where it starts out in his younger years. So essentially, this game is sort of a prologue to the next story or is the first part of 2 or 3 games (depends on how I work the next game). In a nutshell, Ethan’s family has a new baby girl, he kind of gets a little jealous and irritated by her presence, as he was actually hoping for a little brother, at least. One night when he got “fed up”, he made a wish for his little sister to just go away and something seemed to have responded to this wish and whisk her away. The next day, everyone was in a frantic over his missing sister and he felt both guilty and panicky, so he went to begin a search for her, as well. Obviously there’s much more to the story that this but I don’t want to spoil this too much, at least at this time :P.
In the demo/sample, the consequence of choice will have more impact than in the actual game (because it’s shorter and is more like a tutorial) and can even lead to an early game over. He runs into Hikaru during the demo & game, but I’m debating if I should make him mandatory in the demo (though he is mandatory in the actual game). I’m also debating on how far into the demo does it go as opposed to the actual game. I might make a demo set up where it can update to the latest scenes that it’ll have or just make a set version. The characters are mostly completed from left to right. Cerise’s design and sprite set up is mostly completed, but I might go back and tinker a couple of things, but also need to work on some more animations/pose to use. Hikaru is definitely needing some touch ups, his fox form is a bit more simpler so might not need as much work except to make it in the proper frame size. Ethan, the main protagonist, I had just started to really work on, so his general looks are good but I went and updated his outfit some, may do some more. Wolfie had a huge update as I’m getting his “parts” made for his template. So here’s a little information about these folks :)

Previous Version
Updated Version
Updated Version

Ethan – A 10 year old boy and main protagonist, as mentioned. He is proficient in martial arts (been taking classes since he was five) and had just recently received a black belt and is looking forward to advancing farther, he very studious in this field but needs a bit of work with “paperwork” part of his actual/normal schooling. He is surprisingly fairly skilled with cooking and is able to feed himself when necessary. He is also familiar with some survival skills and is familiar with setting camp, fishing, hunting and some gathering (not as great on the later). He’s a little bit brash, upfront and also a bit naive.
Hikaru – The first “main” character Ethan comes across. He is a Kitsune, fox spirit, and is saved by Ethan from a trap (in the demo, you might have the choice whether or not to save him). Because of this, he helps Ethan in finding his sister and guides him across realms. As to why he’s earth bound… you’ll find out later :P He’s a master of magic and is also good at gathering/identifying flora (herbs, flowers, etc.). He is cunning, sometimes very tricky/trickster like, but very honorable and loyal.
Wolfie – The second “main” character Ethan come across. You see him in the flowery field in the woods near Ethan’s neighborhood. He inadvertently leads you to the doorway to the “Grey Veil”, while trying to flee from you. He loves flowers and pretty things of nature. Despite his small stature, he’s incredibly resilient, has strong stamina and isn’t knocked down as easy as one may think. He is a little gullible, very gentle natured, and is slow to anger.
Cerise – The third “main” character Ethan come across. She’s Wolfie’s partner and is granddaughter to the Guardian of the “Grey Veil”, she makes it clear she wasn’t to happy with either Wolfie or Ethan, but agrees to help with permission and guidance from her grandmother. She’s well intuned with nature and has great hunting skills, she is also clever, fast on her feet and a bit of a cynical realist.
Essentially these four characters are your party or at least main set party. I’m trying to figure if I want to allow the addition of a 5th party member depending on the area they are at. But again, still working on everything else. I seem to have a strong desire to somehow involve cooking lol ^^; so I can say I definitely want to implement a hunger/thirst system as well as a cooking/crafting system. Will post more about the game itself later on :)