☆d(´▽`)b☆: Yorkie Splash and Shine

Yorkie Splash & Shine: http://www.yorkieshampoo.com/ Click here and get 10% first purchase! First glance/in general: At first glance, there’s not as many products listed as one would think for an online store/company. This doesn’t bother me as much as I’ve often learned that when a place of business has few selections, they are usually fairly Read More

☆d(´▽`)b☆: Popin’ Cookin’ – Hamburger Meal

Just tried something really awesome that I’ve wanted to try for a long while. Now granted I’ve only tried this particular box set and am eager to check out the other varieties, but I believe this one would be my favorite, until otherwise noted :) This is a do-it-yourself “candy” from Japan. Although I emphasize Read More

☆d(´▽`)b☆: Awesome Recipe Tutorials

A few awesome recipe resources that I’d like to bring into recognition. Some that I’ve used over the past few years with great results. YouTube Shows: Cooking With Dog – As the slogan mentions, it’s not what it seems by the title alone. A great set of many various Japanese recipes, host by “Francis” the Read More

☆d(´▽`)b☆: Fairytale Brownies

Normally I’m not much into brownies, but today I’ve experienced some brownies like none I’ve ever have before. At work we were gifted with this box of brownies from Fairytale, at least what I’ve read on the wrapping. Each brownie was individually wrapped and let me tell you, they were very rich and moist. Before Read More