☆d(´▽`)b☆: Yorkie Splash and Shine

Yorkie Splash & Shine: http://www.yorkieshampoo.com/ Click here and get 10% first purchase! First glance/in general: At first glance, there’s not as many products listed as one would think for an online store/company. This doesn’t bother me as much as I’ve often learned that when a place of business has few selections, they are usually fairly Read More

☆d(´▽`)b☆: Popin’ Cookin’ – Hamburger Meal

Just tried something really awesome that I’ve wanted to try for a long while. Now granted I’ve only tried this particular box set and am eager to check out the other varieties, but I believe this one would be my favorite, until otherwise noted :) This is a do-it-yourself “candy” from Japan. Although I emphasize Read More

☆d(´▽`)b☆: Awesome Recipe Tutorials

A few awesome recipe resources that I’d like to bring into recognition. Some that I’ve used over the past few years with great results. YouTube Shows: Cooking With Dog – As the slogan mentions, it’s not what it seems by the title alone. A great set of many various Japanese recipes, host by “Francis” the Read More