☆d(´▽`)b☆: Vivo Per Lei – Facial Peel Gel

My first post in the My 2¢ Worth is a product that I’ve used for awhile now and thoroughly enjoy!
Vivo per Lei’s Facial Peel Gel!

This is the gel version I’m talking about, not the peeling mask version (which makes it a little confusing since they both look alike in packaging). Granted this is the only product I’ve used in the the Vivo Per Lei line, so I can only guess that the rest of the line is pretty good too. Like the name implies, basically what this product does is “exfoliates” the dead skin off you. Now this may not sound like a big deal to most folks, but for folks with really sensitive skin like me that that can get a really red rash/blemish from using conventional scrubs because anything that can scrap across my skin leaves a mark that’ll stay there for at least 15-30minutes minimum with a worse case scenario it stays there for a few days, on my face particularly, this is nearly god-sent.
This stuff is very gentle and is said to work with all skin types and uses fairly natural ingredients, such as Dead Sea mineral salts. All it takes is to gently massage/swirl the gel on your skin and the dead/dry skin just comes right off. Even with a bit of extended “massaging”, I may experiences some minor redness from the rubbing, but since I’m not scraping or applying hard pressure, it goes away within 5-10 minutes. Even though it seems to have some sort of “exfoliate flecks” in the gel, it doesn’t seem to be the factor in the process of exfoliating the skin, as I hardly even notice it. Of course, use a good moisturizer with this and be sure to wear sunscreen when outside for a long time.
Tip: To get the best results with as little of the product as possible is to use it on dry skin that’s either clean or “oil” free skin. From experience, using it on skin that has makeup or is fairly oily tends to cause the product not to get to the skin as efficiently, thus you will wind up using more of the product to “cut through” the layers and from what I’ve read on other reviews, wet skin makes it harder to remove the “gunk” that comes off when in use, so it’s best used when the skin is dry.  A little goes a long way, so apply sparingly and add more as needed. Also note that it can be a bit tricky to remove if you have moderate facial fuzz or it gets into your hair.

Of course since everyone’s skin is different, if there’s ingredients that you are allergic to or have a reaction using it, discontinue use.

Pros: Great for sensitive skin and does exactly what it says. Gentle enough to use everyday, but would recommend using it at least once a week or as needed. It also is usable 2 years after first opening, so it’s got a decent shelf life :)

Cons: It only comes in a 1.7oz jar, but a little does go a long way, especially if you’re not using it everyday. If you buy it direct or from a distributor, you may wind up paying $60-$99. I usually check eBay for cheaper prices ^_^;;

Update/Note: I’ve read another review recently about the “after” effects of the gel that made me think on it a bit further. Though the review I saw says “it’s not dead skin, it’s dried product beading up” I think it’s not entirely true as I’ve had enough noticeably dry/flakiness that comes off when I use it. That and the product is still wet when I get the” beading” effect. But knowing this, I can agree that it isn’t all dead skin that comes off you, but I believe the effect has something to do with taking the excess dry/flaky skin off, kind of like peeling masks without having a mask. Product still works like a charm for me, so my personal view about it hasn’t changed ^_^