Fair bit of updates, brief description :p

First off, the “Liber a Nomen” and “Flower Language” are still available (so no need to panic ^_^), just moved under library in top menu. I’ve moved all the categories unto the top menu for more ease of viewing (that and for a long while I’ve been thinking the top looked sparse). I also rearranged and setup all the menus and categories to be displayed properly for their new location, as well as make some distinction on subjects, etc.
Also added some new recipes, including a set of perfume formulas I’ve created, and plan on adding more. Some recipes may not have pictures to them because I hadn’t made any for them :p Once I make enough non-edible “recipes”, I’ll separate them into their own categories. I’m gonna concentrate on adding recipes that I either made, myself, or altered enough to make it about my own (will usually still credit the original recipes).
Also working to setup a portfolio/gallery for ease of viewing the things I do (though you can actually see many or all of the stuff in my deviantart gallery, anyways). I actually have a portfolio setup through deviantart, but I’m not liking how it’s limited. So gonna setup one for the site, but gotta go through all the images and adjust them for website viewing for later. But yea, still gonna continue to make more changes/additions to the site.