Heads up on URL switching

Either before or after the New Year, I’ll be working to switch the domain names so that the old domain will point to the new, instead of visa versa. Cause right now the new domain is pointing to the old,  this is because of certain features I have and also now have to do things a bit differently to switch the domain. When I start the process, the old domain will still function normally, but the new domain may not be up running properly for a little bit. Then once I get it set up properly, the old domain will be set to redirect. Not sure when I’ll do the switch yet, but I do know it’s gonna at least be by next month. I have currently been working on some ceramic pieces for gifts and also for “practice”, will be posting those for portfolio purposes when they are complete. There’s still some back end stuff using my old studio name, so I gotta get those updated eventually too ^^;