☆d(´▽`)b☆: Fairytale Brownies

Normally I’m not much into brownies, but today I’ve experienced some brownies like none I’ve ever have before. At work we were gifted with this box of brownies from Fairytale, at least what I’ve read on the wrapping. Each brownie was individually wrapped and let me tell you, they were very rich and moist.
Before these, the best brownies I’ve had were from Starbucks and these were even softer/moist than those. These things about literally melt in your mouth, it was like eating a soft fudge, but with that slight cake texture. I can’t rave enough about the quality, taste and texture of these things. So I looked them up and saw they even have what would be considered a major domain name.
They’re a bit pricey I found, but certainly worth it for an every once in awhile treat or special occasion. I also love the “fairy” theme, with a brownie (the fairy, not the treat) as the mascot. They are so rich and made with Belgium chocolate, I’ve only had three of the “sprite” size today (not all at once, of course, lol) and I felt I almost border-lined overdoing the sweets ^^;;;

Fairytale Brownies