Renovating Site & Mind

Currently, as you may see, I’m working to change up the site’s appearance. It’s still in progress, so there may be a few parts that may not look quite right for a little bit, lol. Also rebranding my logo since my old one is a bit too elaborate for practical use in my crafting, but may still use it for digital stuff. Not sure yet as I’m now in the stage of re-fleshing things out. Again, my old domain name is up for sale, if anyone is interested. I’ll be keeping this current one for a good bit but I also have another domain that I plan to make good use (who knows I may even move over to it.)
The new logo ya see will certainly be my “maker’s mark” as I plan to stamp my physical creations with it. I’ve thought about it for awhile and decided I need to concentrate on mainly two craft skills and can later work the rest in, when it concerns commercialized stuff I may make to sell. The two crafts I chose are clay/ceramics/pottery and wood turning (with maybe a little leather working depending on the project), or essentially sculpting and woodwork. A bit out there compared to the stuff I’ve normally put out for sure, but I feel that over the years I’ve been too scattered in what I wanted to do. I do still intend to make game/digital materials, etc., of course, but right now I’m working to renew myself and the path I want to take. Don’t worry, the current contents will still be here, just working to focus on something new. Thank you in advance for your patience.