☆d(´▽`)b☆: Yorkie Splash and Shine

Yorkie Splash & Shine:
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First glance/in general:
At first glance, there’s not as many products listed as one would think for an online store/company. This doesn’t bother me as much as I’ve often learned that when a place of business has few selections, they are usually fairly good/quality products or services. As one may say, when you concentrate on a few things, you do those things well or better. Most of their main products consist of the same type of product (shamp./cond./detangler) at various size and set types. They do offer some side various things, like brush/comb sets, a few outfits, and other random tid bits here or there, but the selection isn’t huge or overwhelming. Which isn’t bad as their priority is the shampoo, conditioner and detangler. Every so often or even on the side often, they offer different fragrances (usually perfume/cologne for dogs in the form of the detangler).
My experience buying from them was satisfactory :) Aside from the usual online shopping experience, their shipping was fairly fast and their products had seals (sans the detangler as that’s a bit tricky with the tube ^^;..) so they were not contaminated from being made to getting to me. I find it interesting how they don’t have fancy packaging. Although fancy packaging is nice and makes consumers “feel” better about the product, I know that’s just marketing technique and what’s really important is the quality of the product and if it works as intended. Like the old saying, don’t judge the book by it’s cover. Now on to the product itself.

Review on the product:
I recently ordered this product for my little yorkie, Kimchi, since she’s been having a bit of itchy skin issues lately. I’m figuring she’s either developed an allergy to her previous shampoo/cond. or just became more skin sensitive. Either way, I’ve been eyeballing this product because of it’s boast of being developed specifically for the yorkie’s sensitive skin (granted of course, it’s great for other breeds, as well). It’s also had really great reviews from other yorkie and small dog owners.
So when they had the holiday sale and I had a coupon, I figured it was time to give it a shot. I’ve currently only used the product once (I had ordered the “Crazy 8”, which was the shampoo, conditioner and detangler set at 8 ounces each) and had a really good result. Her fur has always been soft and shiny, but this product has produced a little more extra shine and manageability to her hair without that greasy, oily or heavy feel. It feels light and non-stripping on her hair. The detangler even has an extremely light feel to it, almost feels like I’m misting her with water, but I can feel it make her hair softer. From what I gathered, it doesn’t seem to aggravate her itchy problem, though later on she began to itch again, so me thinks she’s getting issues from something else. I’ve been letting her hair grow a little longer for winter and working towards a topknot and I think that’s part of the issue as I’ve always kept her hair short for her comfort. So I’m considering having her usual short cut or at least getting rid of the topknot idea before spring.
The only thing that I’m not big on is the fragrance (at least direct from the bottle), but perhaps it’s because I had expected something different when I hear lots of raving reviews over it. It’s not a bad fragrance and thankfully is light and mellows very well over time, it’s just that I’m personally not big on that baby powder smell on any level, except at the lightest or a hint of it. Of course, directly smelling it from the bottle is when the fragrance is heaviest and each bottle has a little different smell, but they all have that baby powder scent in the mix somewhere. One bottle would have it stronger, then one moderately and the other with it at the lightest. Now obviously the “final” resulting fragrance wouldn’t be as strong after bathing. My furbaby had that clean with a touch of baby powder smell. To me it was at least tolerable enough as she at least smelt clean and the scent wasn’t too heavy. It got much better as the scent faded and mellowed over a few days and then her more natural scent began to mingle with it (the good dog smell, not bad, lol). She then smelt like my furbaby :D Granted, lately it’s been raining lots so she’s been getting her legs and lower body wet often and other scents been snagging on her where she lays, so it’s making her feel like she’s needing another bath soon X_x;

So in a nutshell:
The results to the hair was excellent. Seems gentle enough to use frequently, if needed. Very lightweight and not too over powering when used. Fragrance would be popular for those that enjoy the moderate smell of baby powder-like scents, or like their furbabies to smell similar to human babies. I won’t take points away from the fragrance because that’s a bit more personal bias/opinion and it does mellow out to a very pleasing scent, even to me, over a few days.

I plan to buy their set of “fragrances for her” to see if I can find something to spruce her smell some on occasions :) I’ll post my reviews on that whenever I get to buy/using it.

Update 2/7/16: After awhile the strength of the fragrance direct from the bottle mellowed out some into something that had a more complex smell. The strong baby powder-like smell eased up on the shampoo and conditioner a good bit. The current “aired” out fragrance is much more pleasing. So the new nutshell is to allow the product time to “air” out to get the true smell ^^