Semi-big changes coming soon

Now that the transfer is settled and I have been contemplating new changes for the future, I have decided to change my studio name/URL and phase out the current one. It’s gonna be a long slow process like when I switch over last time to make it easier for people to still find my site. I had to think really hard on what I want and if I could get the domain for it, so I checked a bunch of ideas I liked and managed to snag one that I really liked and wanted. It’s still got studio in the name, cause I’m still essentially doing about the same thing, but I wanted something that I know I’ll want to keep permanently and is more fitting for me (especially with my new logo/maker’s mark). I’ve decided on this drastic change because I no longer feel as attached to the current one.
Unlike the last switch on the URL/name (from lunarberry to lunarberry studio), the name is fairly different so it’s gonna require me to update lots of things outside this site that I own to match up as close as I can. What I plan to start with is changing the name shown on the site to the new one, the links will stay the way they are though it won’t match the new name. The new domain will redirect to the current one and I will leave a site notice about the change and for folks to update their bookmark.
The old domain will basically still be here until I later work to do the actual switch over. I do this because it’s a real big hassle and work to make the actual switch right now as I gotta a handful of things that won’t function properly under the new domain unless I go and reconfigure stuff. But the rest is more easy, if a lot to do, as they simply require changing the name/title and link updates, then I should be good. I’ll most likely update everything else first before making the redirect/etc. for the site to make it’s transition a bit “quicker”.