Happy New Year!

Right now more things are being adjusted and will continue so, so I’ve decided to go ahead and setup the old URL to redirect to the new. Still working on fixing certain functions, download are kind of buggy right now, but will try to work around it. I’m debating on reinstalling woocommerce or some sort of cart system here, but that feature isn’t a big priority at the moment anyways. Especially since I currently have multiple options already. I may have stuff exclusive to here that I might not offer elsewhere, we’ll see.
For those wanting downloads, my dA gallery does have downloads for my game materials (as well as on Savepoint forum under my old name), so y’all can go there for that. I’m debating on whether I want to just get rid of some old downloads that are obsolete (most likely) or not. Depending on how this goes I may have to do a re-haul on almost everything lol >_<.