Big adjustments with the resource info. and other news

Am working to set all informational resources into “one” area. This is to make things added more efficiently and also easier to search through. I’ve actually completed migrating all current information to this new feature but plan to add some new content before releasing. Once I activate this new feature, I’ll remove the “old” locations and setups.

On other news, I’ve taken upon a big project for myself (from the small starting progress in changing the studio name and themes etc. late last year) to build a designated craft studio. It’s most likely gonna take most of this year, if not all of it, to complete. At least I’d hope so ^^; I’d hate for it to take longer than this year.
So right now, I am limiting myself to only doing smaller projects since I currently don’t have room (literally) to store stuff and only have so much time for anything digital. Once I have my studio built, I can start doing more bigger projects, do more stuff frequently, etc. So 2020 will be considered my building stage for a new direction in my life :P
Again, I plan to mostly concentrate on ceramics, wood workings, but also to re-purposing or restore stuff. In the later, like remaking something for another purpose, or to fix it like new. These types of projects are generally gonna be extremely limited since it depends solely on me obtaining the items to do such things with (as well as materials to make it happen). I’ll add other types of arts and crafts randomly, but am trying to focus on more specific skills.
Also as a reminder, I eventually plan to phase out the old studio name. The current one is one I definitely intend to be permanent as I like it even more that the old one and it’s more fitting. There’s so many things I’m trying to get set up so that I can be much more active in the artsy field, so I’m trying to pace myself (hopefully^^;..)