Finally getting some serious stuff on a roll (IRL, of course :P)

How’s everyone doing with all this craziness going on? :P Well, today I’m finally getting my craft studio/shed built, so I can soon get on track of getting bigger projects done. Granted the interior will still need to be fix/prep’d before I can move all the stuff and equipment in, but at least the structure itself will be professionally done and at a lot quicker pace. Hopefully they’ll be done today, but at most another day, but I’m very excited, either way ^_^
It’s gonna be purple, too. lol As you may guessed, it’s my fav color. Aside from interior materials, the next equipment I need to invest in is a small kiln, so I could do ceramics, etc. I got all the other stuff and materials for it, but no kiln and I’m very limited in way of getting the pieces fired ><;; It may take up to a couple of more months to finish the inside, since I’d be doing this bit mostly myself. I’m also temporarily off from my actual steady job, but hopefully this corona-virus issue will be over soon so I can get back to my steady paying job ^^;