A bit of update.

With all the crazy stuff happening, in a weird way the quarantine has allowed me plenty time to work on my studio shed. It’s already built but been going over it to seal any gaps, reinforce areas, etc. I’ll have to go back over areas on the outside that I sealed off and repaint them, etc. It’s almost ready for the interior painting and with luck, I’ll be able to get the flooring and shelves done quickly as well. I’ll finally be able to move in all my equipment and stuff. Oh yes, and it is a purple building XD hehe I already have a handful of woodwork/re-purposing projects that’s been on hold for awhile that I’ll finally be able to really start working on. Once I am able to get started, I’ll start posting project galleries showing in work progression to finish.
On other news, I’m also currently also working on some clothing line prints and have plans to integrate that and my 3D print store into my Etsy store, so that those along other stuff I’ll hand make later will be posted there. Still will have Ebay for other stuff and my personal webstore, but right now just working things one at a time ^^;