Good progresses

Well the studio shed is built, with power running and the interior is already about half way done. With luck, I can finish it up before I head back to my regular work. I’m hoping to be able to invest in a small kiln beforehand, so I can start firing ceramics. If anything this is oddly been good timing with everything, cause I wouldn’t have progressed as far as I have if I wasn’t given the time etc.
It’ll be great to finally be able to start working in my new studio (and great to not have to worry about making a mess lol). I already have some projects lined up to start working on in it once everything is complete. Also been setting up a good handful of printed clothing/accessories once I’m happy with the designs etc. I’ll finally be able to upload them to my Etsy shop, along with other stuff. I’m hoping to keep my stores to a minimum count such as Etsy, eBay and my webstore, but of course it depends on the companies/sources.
Then I’ll be going through my website and doing my usual update/maintenance again :p