Studio update

Well now been back to my job and now that it’s getting hotter, progress on the craft shed has slowed down, but I’m at least within the last stages of being able to move equipment in. I just need to do the flooring (and trim/moulding) and it should be pretty much ready for use. Other bits as mentioned before like ceiling insulation and the one wall I’ll do later on, mainly just wanting to get it ready for moving stuff in. Only thing is removing stuff that’s currently in there, the flooring and moving everything back and into it. All that in itself is a good bit of work, but I’ve made myself have a deadline to get things up and going by the end of this year. I’d figure once Fall comes back, things will pick up alot on progress. On the bright side, all this physical work is doing two things for me. I’m learning to do a little building/carpentry and I’m losing weight and getting more fit lol.

For other bits and things, stuff there are non handmade things I do plan to put up ahead of time if I don’t have any handmade stuff ready to go all at once, so I should have something ready later this year. The I’ve long had a sort of studio to do stuff, this is the first time I’ve made a serious attempt to create a little shop. This would make things so much easier as I’ll have a place for everything. I’ll also be able to store finished projects without taking up so much room.