A little late update ^_^;;

Well, the craft shed has been pretty much 3/4th done. I just need to wait until it cools down a good bit before I finish the last bits, which is to insulate and panel one wall and the ceiling (then minor molding and putting up deco stuff). Otherwise, I’ve long already started to move stuff in and started working on small and personal projects. Still no kiln, but depending on how things go, I may either have one this year or not, or have access to something that could do the same job. So for now, I’ve been doing wood working/carving since I got everything for that. I got other stuff too, like jewelry making and whatnots, but trying to pace myself and work on finishing all the bulk items (so they could be put on sale first).
I’ll eventually get to creating a project galleries, showing project’s (including the shed) progressions. For now, my deviantart gallery pretty much shows my general works I can do. I got online digital stuff I’ve been working on to add to the “grand opening” in the new year, stuff like clothing etc. with prints and art and game/card and so on. Still waiting a bit because I want to “build some inventory” Though I do have some stuff up now and will randomly sell stuff as needed, I’m hoping to try and put everything as much together as possible. Which is why I’m gonna say everything will be ready for the most part within Jan. of 2021. Also aside from making stuff go live or putting stuff up, I plan to do a bit of renovating on my site(s).
I’d say I’m very happy with having a space for all this cause I find myself able to totally focus on what I’m doing without distractions. As for stuff I’d be selling, aside from general stuff I do plan to also sell stuff related to my spiritual beliefs, but I also don’t mind making some nice things from other faiths, as well. I like to keep fairly varied in a positive way :) I just hope I can keep things on track ^^;