Small update

With the holidays coming up I’ll, of course, be fairly busy with various things to tie up this year, mostly personal stuff but also some stuff involving business things. My plan is to get things really started in January of the new year. So aside from personal projects, I’ve been working on handcrafted items for “inventory”, so to speak. The amount is small, but I do have other digital or drop ship related stuff that would fill in a decent gap. This includes my line of clothing and accessories, as well as printed products such as cards, games, etc. Even some books and/or journals.
In other news, I finally got my small kiln, but gotta get a stand with wheels for it, so I can move it around and will start test firing once I get that setup and creating various things such as pmc (precious metal clay), ceramic, enameling, and maybe even some glass fusion. But right now, I don’t feel like I got the right setup for safety reasons. At least I got the main thing so it’s just working my way to functionality. If I don’t post anything during these holidays, I wish y’all a good season :)