Ever the busy bee >_<

Been busy with various things lately, but also been procrastinating in other stuff :p I’ve decided, for now anyways, that I’ll rotate products in my Etsy shop from the company “Art of Wear” (or any similar companies) that I’ve got images/graphics printed on their products, either every “month” (or payment cycle) or every two months. This way I’ll be able to  show off more of what I got and see which would sell decently. The fee for Etsy isn’t bad, but at the moment it can build up fast and I’m not established enough to keep everything posted up all the time that isn’t a hand-crafted, vintage or supply material. I’ll be able to see what will work and what won’t. Of course, if there was something I had up for sale in those cases that someone was really interested in, I’d be more than happy to post them up for them later on or take suggestions.

Of course things are in an early stage, so I’ll be trying to work out the kinks ^^; I would say that products that aren’t in the category of having a company “production partner”, as Etsy would word it, would be listed more consistently. Right now just need to make good pics of the currently available ones X_x; lol So this year, is the year I’m gonna try and be much more proactive in putting out stuff for sale ^_^ I plan to put up a project gallery and a feedback form later on to try and refine things and show my progresses. Hope to hear some  productive feedback when I do set it all up :)