More updates

Redesigned the title logo of the site and am very happy with it’s results :) I’m still using the previous logo for branding, of course. Having the two logo types different makes for a more pleasing look where it’s applicable. Also made minor and moderate changes through out the site and will continue to go through the site to make updates, changes, etc. Been continuing to work on random crafts and some current ones are being sold in my best friend’s physical market shop. Will be working to add more to my Etsy too :) I’m hoping to be able to work on ceramics soon, just need to make more sculpts. I’m more into making unique, one of a kind, pieces but will make some things more standard (it’s especially dependent on the ease of their production).

But for the most part I’m pretty happy with the current progress. I’ve come along much farther than I have before and have more resources at my disposal. ^_^