Flea-market update :)

Ok, long post but it’s a “major” update. This was already posted on my FB page, but am posting here to let y’all know of this update, incase you hadn’t seen it.
As mentioned in a previous post, I started being at the local flea-market about every weekend (since they only open weekends), working on more stuff and selling what I have, etc. This is to give myself a sort of physical presence that folks can come by and see some of my stuff upfront and/or have items ordered from me to be picked up locally, if you are locally close by or can get there. That and sometimes I have stuff that I only offer pick up only, cause of size and shipping would be way to hassling. Also, I find that weekends are also when most craft fairs etc. tend to happen in general, too, so I’m hoping to start getting involved in some. This year is more to observe, hope to try and participate some next year. If I’m not there, as there will be some times I can’t make it in (crafting that can’t be done at the booth, my other job related, etc.), my bestie will help you with my products (or any of hers if you’re interested), or you can use my online contact, stores, etc. I’ll usually try to post if I’m not gonna be there, if something comes up, but again, there’s normally someone there to help you.
I’m pretty excited to start this new venture and hope to keep motivating to grow. My Etsy store can be accessed from here or my FB page, of course, as well. I hope to get around to posting my newer made stuff on my Etsy and plan to take some pics of the stuff I got in the flea-market when I get around to it.

The location/information is below:

Smiley’s Flea Market
6717 Hawkinsville Rd
Macon, GA 31216

My table/stuff is in booth #18 at my bff’s shop, “It A Bit A Magick”, in the main building. I’m hoping to eventually get my own booth or corner once she secures more booth space, but that may be a little while as we are hoping to have our booths connected (this includes other colleagues).
Her style of crafts are rustic and natural, whilst mine is considered “higher end” and is generally more elaborate. Her store offers spiritual/religious items for various religions/traditions and I do plan to also cater to various religious/spiritual customers, as well as just regular everyday items. So please be open minded about the stuff there, if religious objects from other faiths and paths aside from mainstream bothers you, then it’d be best if ya stick with my online shop, where you can more easily avoid such sections.
I’m holding off taking commissions or projects for others for now, since I got so many stuff I’m trying to catch up on currently (though I tend to have a bad habit of starting new projects, anyways X_x), but depending on how I progress and what the project is, I may take it on. Wish me luck ^_^;;