New Years lots of stuff!

Hope everyone had a good New Year, lots of stuff going on for me, and as always, busy as a bee. Lately I’ve been updating more on my FaceBook page than here, but will try to keep this one updated from time to time as well. Among many things I’ve been working on; a cookbook, crafts and so on. I finally got one of my collection Master Edition rune set completed. I’ve used a professional printing company that specializes in cards, boards, etc. for particular items, hand made a set of runes and included other nifty things in this set. When I make a Master Edition set, it’s only gonna be one set ever and will include items that are specifically designed for the set or is made only for it. So naturally, such a set is going to be fairly pricey because it is generally going to be pricey for me to make and put together. This set is part of the LE rune cards themed “Blood & Fire” which will only have 13 sets printed. The difference in the one included in the Master Edition is the exclusive matching tuck box, as well as being the 1st edition printed. All other rune cards will be shrink wrapped and may or may not include a pouch. Once I finished setting up the listings with pics and so on, it’ll be posted in my Etsy shop :) I will posted another listing for the cards only, once I can get around to ordering them ^^;

Here’s the link to the latest post showing a preview of this set :)