Group Names

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(Female Names)


Camenae (cah-meh-nay): latin: Prophetic nymphs (later known as
the Muses)

Dryades (dry-ads or dry-ad-ees): latin: Wood-nymphs

Hesperides (heh-spair-reh-dees): latin: Daughters of Erebus and
the Night

Parcae (pahr-say or pahr-kay): latin: The Fates; 3 sisters

Pierides (pigh-reh-dees or pehr-ihd-ees): latin: The Muses

Pleiades (plee-ay-dees): latin: The 7 daughters of Atlas and

Sirenes (sigh-rehn-ees): latin: Sea-nymphs; enchanting by their

(Male Groups)



Ambrones (ahm-broh-nees): celtic-latin: A Celtic tribe

Cenomani (keh-noh-mahn-ee or seh-noh-mah-nee): celtic-latin:
A Celtic tribe