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I wish to print/copy from the Liber a Nomen or Flower Language but can't, why?

I am please that you like my resource content, but I have things setup the way they are for a reason. As mentioned within questions about linking directly from pages etc. instead of the main/home page, I've had too many people abuse that and make it either look like part of their site or steal content that wasn't meant to be posted elsewhere. This happened so many times and even some floral company (for the flower language) took my listings with no credit whatsoever (the main reason I was able to tell it was my listing was cause it was pretty much word for word). I've had to type everything down myself manually, originally in the earlier days, before I got to use a better system and that's a lot of time putting in to it (anywhere from days to month, etc.). It became pretty discouraging.

I've stopped updating the Liber a Nomen and Flower language because there's much more sites now that offer similar information with easier searches. So my stuff on that subject is "old news". I apologize for the inconvenience for folks that do mean well, but information is still here for references to look at, when needed. Maybe I'll update the content in the future if I feel up to it, but for now it's not a priority.

Do you offer layaway?

It depends. If it's a commission, payments may be done in stages, so it's kind of like a layaway. Otherwise, I don't normally offer layaway unless it's over a general amount in cost (like $150+). I'll usually post in the item's description if layaway or separate payments is optional or available. But to do any form of layaway, a down payment is required along with a nonrefundable fee.

Do you have anything for sale?

I actually do, despite that my webstore hasn't been opened. Be sure to check the links to the right for my off site stores ^_^ I keep busy with so many things I can't say when I'll get the site's store up and running. At the moment, it's slightly pointless as the stuff I'd be posting is already on my eBay store, etc. I'm thinking more or less the site store will be used for digital sales or exclusive stuff.

Do you accept payments other than Paypal? Do you take currency other than USD?

Under some or certain circumstances, I will accept money orders (from domestic USA buyers only). I will ship items once money orders have been processed and confirmed. International buyers must go through PayPal. You can pay with a credit card through PayPal without a PayPal account, either way. So even if you don't have PayPal, you should still be able to play through it.
Otherwise, at this time, I'll only accept PayPal and currency must be in USD.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Is there a phone number I can reach you or someone?

I do not have a business phone number to post online nor offer. I'm not a corporation nor some big business entity. I make my products by myself (or with help from my friends, if a large order) and am a sole proprietor/artisan. I reserve contacting through Skype (as I no longer offer phone contacts) for certain projects, when necessary. For all orders or commissions online, I work strictly through online contact by email.

Would you be willing to advertise my business/product/site on your site?

I don't normally accept requests for advertising other businesses/personal sites or products, unless I've already had some experience with such businesses/products/persons. I also do not accept offers of payment for me to advertise, unless I'm doing it through a reputable source/company or, again, I've had some experience with such said persons or businesses.
So if you, just out of the blue, contact me to advertise on my site(s) for your business or whatnot, and I don't know you or your business (especially, if you don't even mention what the site/business is about), it will be viewed as spam or potential phishing scam, etc. As such, I may or may not even reply to you. So no, I will not post a link/text on my site for you (even if it's just a minor, little code). Most of my current "advertising" are either link exchanges with folks/places that I know or are places that I've had some experience with or am posting my reviews in "My two cents worth" section.
I'm sorry for any inconveniences this may cause and I'm honored that you want me to promote you, but I'm only one person running everything and do not have time nor patience to try and figure out if it's legit or a scam. When I've offered activities or the ability for visitors to communicate with each other either publicly or by memberships in the past, I've always had waaay too many people/bots that abuse that privilege and I just don't want to deal with that again. Also, I really don't want my sites to start looking like a lot of sites I see these days, that are cluttered with advertisements.

Thank you for your patience.

Why have I not had a response when contacting you?

There are several reasons I may not respond to an email/contact.

1. I may not think or realize it required a reply (for most feedback, suggestions, etc.).
2. It may have ended up in the spam box and was cleared before I got to check on it (I only check my mail a few times a month or when I receive a new message notification, which doesn't show when it goes in the spam box).
3. It's appears to be or is obviously spam (advertising, nonsense, etc.).
4. It never reached me at all. I have filters in place that doesn't let some things get through.
5. It's for offers I do not need or care for.
6. Address domain is fairly known for fraud, isn't legit or spamming.

If your contact was legit, I apologize. Right now certain domains are not even looked at and/or are auto-deleted and for good reasons. The only option in those cases is contacting through another source that's more reputable. Also lately I only check my mail for this site maybe 1-2 times a month, so it might be a bit before I get to it anyways ^^;;

Can I use your freebies/downloads for commercial use?

Unless the download/information page mentions somewhere it's free for commercial use, assume it's not. For the most part consider that the majority, if not all, of the freebie downloads are for personal use only. This is because I have either, in the recent case of graphic/gaming resources, made edits of other works or I simply do not intend for them to be used commercially, in the case of my own works. (also read the section of art&crafts involving use of my artworks)

May I link specific pages on my site?

I would prefer that you'd link/bookmark from to main page because that's the one page that never changes. That and it kind of defeats my purpose of having a website with a variety of subjects. The people that visit may want to see my artwork..or see services or merchandise I do sell. The pages may be deleted later, or change links. I've have found sites that did link to some pages specifically and even make it look like it's a part of their site... I really don't appreciate that kind of thing as a lot of the content took me a long time to work on. So if you would please, just use the main URL.

May I link to your site?

Absolutely! This site is link-free, just use one of the banners (if offered) or use a text link. Be sure to link to the main site and not specific pages, as I tend change stuff around.

Is Ayperi Silverwolf your real name? (notices some artworks using that name)

No, it's my online handle/pen name that I've been using for most of my life. The majority of folks that knows me online, would usually know me by this name. I also go by just Ayperi, at times. Alot of my older artworks have my pen name on them as well. I still use it for various situations. Otherwise, I do use my real name in most cases :3 Also despite it being a middle eastern first name, I'm not middle eastern ^^;; I liked the name because it means moonfairy.

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Do you hand make all the crafts you offer?

For categories on crafted/handmade items, unless noted in the item's description, I hand make the crafts that I post or offer. There are obviously parts that I may not have made myself (beads, charms, etc.) but yes, I made it into the form it will be presented in. If it's made by someone else, I'll post credit in the description, as well.

Can I use your art for my personal/commercial works?

For commercial works, I suggest commissioning me for something or use something that I am already offering on sale (which will usually allow for commercial use with credit, of course, unless noted otherwise). For personal works, I have a section of free graphics, stock photo/art, etc., where no permission is required for personal use. All I ask is that it's not sold as is or in a derivable form and that you don't claim that it's yours or use for any other commercial purposes. Credit for it would also be appreciated, but not always expected. I may on some occasions or situations offer some arts/graphics for free that I will allow commercial use (just read other terms, if any). It will be noted on the page.

Why does it take you so long to get some artwork/manga up?

Well, other than having a busy life and getting tired at times, I have to be in a creative mood..^^; Call it "artist's block", if you like. If I don't add new artworks in awhile I make up by changing the designs of the site or adding something simpler, like banners, links, etc.
But also, I have a deviantart gallery that I now put my new artworks and photography, etc. there. Some I'll still post onto my website itself, but most are hosted on other places as shown in my gallery link. So most of the time it's those locations that gets more updates more frequently. So if you want to see more of my works, especially more current ones, check out my deviantart gallery.

Can I use your artwork on my site?

Unless it's a commission you paid for, a gift, a freebie graphic/art or you had permission by me to do so under certain circumstances then no, I do not give permission for my art to be posted on other's sites or anywhere else.

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Can I commission you for something you don't offer?

You can ask, but don't expect that I will accept it. I'll usually post what I can or am willing to offer at the time. Every so often I may be able to do a request for a commission that isn't listed/offered, but it really depends on a lot of factors, such as if it's something that I have offered/made before or if it's similar. Don't let that dissuade you though, it never hurts to ask :)

I want a rare/expensive ingredient/material to be used, will I be charged extra or need to pay upfront?

Yes, here's the break down:

  1. Expensive and rare items must be paid for upfront before the commission can be started. This only applies if I do not have said items on hand but have managed to find said material(s).
  2. There is a minor fee for finding/obtaining rare or hard to find items. (usually somewhere between $2-5 and only applies if I have to find/obtain it)
  3. If buyer has already sent such item(s) ahead of time, the cost of that item will be taken out of the commission's total cost (since it's already paid for).
    Receipt/Invoice of such items a required to be sent with the item for proof of cost. All usable/valuable left over materials of that item will be sent back with the completed commission.
  4. Buyers can receive a further discount to the total commission cost if there are any material left over of that item (that's still usable) and let's me keep it. The amount of extra discount will depend on the amount/worth of what's left over. If there are no usable left overs, then they will simply be discarded unless buyer wants them sent back with the commissioned item.
  5. Getting left over material(s) sent back to buyers or be eligible to receive further discounts for the left overs being kept by me, only applies to buyers who have obtained/bought the item(s), themselves. If it was something I already had on hand or paid/obtained for myself, buyers will not be able to receive left over materials nor be eligible for any further discount on those materials.

How much does commissioning you cost?

It varies depending on what is being commissioned. I may list a general price range for some things, but that's not to count the actual total cost and only used as an estimate. Otherwise, I will have a commission section set up with the appropriate price ranges for various items/services offered if it's a fixed type commission. Otherwise, I would need to be contacted for more accurate quotes.

Are you currently offering commissions?

I would post on the site/store or at least on one of my social accounts that I am offering commissions, but if you don't see any or can't find any listings, there's a good chance I'm not offering any commission at the time. It wouldn't hurt to ask, though,  just to be sure. I'm usually pretty busy with my work and other projects (or just simply tired out, lol), so I rarely outright post that I have commissions open.

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Are all your products made for sensitive skin or hypoallergenic?

For products that come in contact with skin like jewelries, it will be listed in the information if it's specifically hypoallergenic. Otherwise, assume it's not.

For any bath/body products, despite being made with mostly natural ingredients, not all are designed specifically for sensitive or allergic skin. Some are made very fragrantly concentrated for those who like stronger scents and those I would not recommend for either sensitive skins or for delicate areas, like the face. Products made specifically for more sensitive skins will be noted in the product's information.
Please also note that with any cosmetic, bath or body product, it is still possible to have an allergic reaction to even to ones made for sensitive skin. Take note of the ingredients listed to see if there's something that you may be allergic to. In general, I try to keep most of my products for folks with sensitive skins in mind (actually my main testers have sensitive skin) but everyone is different so it's best to safe than sorry ^^;

I sent payment, when will my order be shipped?

Most items will be shipped within 1-3 business days once payment is received and processed. For items that require time like "made to order" or commission items, it may take 1-2 weeks on average, depending on what the item is, available materials and how many hours I can put into working on it.
*Buyers will be given a notice that their items have shipped through email and/or account order information.
*Money orders, if available as payment, will be process at the post office for validation. Buyers will generally be notified, if there's a problem with their payment.

Do your products come from a smoke/pet free home?

Smoke free, but not pet free. All items will be kept clean or away from my pets as best as possible. Granted, I cannot 100% guarantee that the physical product will not have a strand of fur or so on it, but I can 100% guarantee that my digital products won't have a single fur on it ^_^... unless you want one digitally painted there O_o;;

Can I cancel my purchase(s)?

Yes, you can cancel your purchases as long as the items have not already shipped. You can contact me to cancel beforehand and I'll refund you in full. If the item(s) are already shipped out, you must return the item(s) once you receive them within the next 3 business days, for a full refund or credit. Shipping costs for returns will be covered by you and not refunded. Digital downloads/products will not receive any refunds once they have been paid for, in the case of instant downloads, or already sent to the buyer, only credit of equal value will be given for current or future purchases. Money refunds on digital orders are only applied to files that haven't been sent yet.
If there is an actual problem with the product (digital -  not working, corrupt file, etc., physical - broken, defective, etc.) please contact me and I'll try my best to fix the issue. (please read the Terms & Conditions for more details on this matter)

Are your products still available?

Currently, it all depends on if they are listed in my online store(s) or not. If I hadn't posted or announced somewhere that I'll be bring certain things back, then I'll most likely not bring them back. Which would mean they would not be available anymore, at all, or be very limited edition if I do post them. In some cases I may offer them as commissions, but in those cases, you'll have to see the commission section to see what's offer, but as I've always said, it doesn't hurt to ask ^_^ Be sure to check my other offsite stores for more stuff I sell.

I'm interested in carrying some of your products, how will I go about it?

I do not offer my products in any other stores online or brick/mortar that isn't owned by me or I am not affiliated with in some way. The only exception I'll make is when working with people or businesses I actually have known for some time and even then, the amount of products would be very limited as I'm the only one making them. The same goes for me offering products from other people. I must already know you or your business. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Why has your store been offline for so long?

For a long while, I simply hadn't had the time to put into it as most of the stuff I was offering were custom, made-to-order things. I'm hoping to be able to add to the site's actual store eventually, but for now most of the stuff I currently have up for sale now are in my off site stores, such as ebay, etc. Be sure to check them out :)