MV Dining

This tileset is an edit from the RPG/MV RTP tilesets. It is more or less intended to be added on to your own tileset or for parallax mapping. You are free to use this in personal/commercial projects as long as you have a license for RPGmaker MV. Credit: Kadokawa & MoonFaerie Studio

*Containers of Sparkly Things & Junk Food

Just a bunch of sparkly stuff in bottles and jars. Jar style inspired by whitecat/whitecafe’s jam jars. Also some attempts at junk food :p Free for commercial use in rpg maker engines. Credit required :P MoonFaerie Studio

Icons – Asian Food Set #1

These icons are intended for game use (particularly RPG Maker VX Ace), but I will allow the use of these icons in other game engines, especially the rpg maker series. The icons here are foods and are all being used in my current game project. I decided to offer these because I’ve had a real