☆d(´▽`)b☆: Yorkie Splash and Shine

Yorkie Splash & Shine: http://www.yorkieshampoo.com/ Click here and get 10% first purchase! First glance/in general: At first glance, there’s not as many products listed as one would think for an online store/company. This doesn’t bother me as much as I’ve often learned that when a place of business has few selections, they are usually fairly Read More

☆d(´▽`)b☆: Fairytale Brownies

Normally I’m not much into brownies, but today I’ve experienced some brownies like none I’ve ever have before. At work we were gifted with this box of brownies from Fairytale, at least what I’ve read on the wrapping. Each brownie was individually wrapped and let me tell you, they were very rich and moist. Before Read More

☆d(´▽`)b☆: The Ninja Blender

Granted most of the posts I’ll be making for reviews are probably positive, unless I come across something just awful that I just have to post ^^; So this post is for an item I’ve recently started using and so far loving it :D The Ninja Blender… can’t remember the set’s name but it’s the Read More

☆d(´▽`)b☆: Vivo Per Lei – Facial Peel Gel

My first post in the My 2¢ Worth is a product that I’ve used for awhile now and thoroughly enjoy! Vivo per Lei’s Facial Peel Gel! This is the gel version I’m talking about, not the peeling mask version (which makes it a little confusing since they both look alike in packaging). Granted this is Read More