Happy Halloween and new demo update for YesterYear!

A good bit since the last update but the new YesterYear demo update has been posted and it’s a Halloween edition It includes a few exclusive bonus materials, too. Go check it out!

Been so busy with many projects (like crafts and offline stuff :p) we pulled into overdrive to get this done on time. We had to sacrifice some aesthetics in order to keep the game from glitching so much. So features like the animated busts are gonna be used for something else on a minor/moderate scale (as we’re seeing it has potential in other areas) and we’re going with still images now (but better quality images ^^). Anywho, we’re both taking a break from YY for a bit but will start back before the year’s up. I’ll now be concentrating on my other stuff, including my own game project (which I need to start posting more information on :p) but before that, I’m gonna be lazy for a bit :p Happy Halloween!