Project: Paths of Twilight

A little update on my own personal game that I currently am working on. Right now still working to test functions and setting things up script-wise and graphics if they require it, but once that’s done I can really start on scenes, etc. Again this is gonna be a freebie game since I’m doing it for fun and also some of the materials I’m using have terms of noncommercial use. If I do decided to make a commercial version, then everything will have to be updated to reflect/allow that. I still have no current release date nor a demo made just yet, but I’m making fair amount of progress so far, especially since I’m working this project alone for the most part. I’m mostly been busy with the usual stuff and the other game project I’m helping another person out with that is a commercial game. (aka YesterYear)
This game idea originally started from a little manga/comic I was working on in high school called “Angel/Demon”, in fact I still have the prologue manga posted in one of my galleries, lol. Never got to finish it nor get the first vol. out (still in rough sketch). Funny thing was at the time I hadn’t thought to make it into a game until the rpg maker series started coming out for sale, but interestingly enough I wound up changing tons of things once I did to the point I’m thinking this would be a prequel to the original storyline I was working on since I made everyone much younger. I also changed most of the character’s original names and a few things about them. So if I do get to making the original story or “sequel”, the original contents are gonna have to change to match this one. So it’s just considered based on that manga’s storyline or in this current project, referenced off it. Anywho, everything is subject to change until the game is completed, but here’s a preview of the current title menu :pNow as to the current game, itself, here’s a bit more information. First off, this is not a game meant for children (despite that main character being a child ^_^;;..). There will be mature themes and depending on the route you take, it can be considered a bit gory. The best/good ending is considered the “cleanest” route :p, further explanations below. The themes of fairytale and folklore have been used quite extensively the last few years and when I started on this theme/project it was just booming, but I figured it would’ve probably been overused by now, so I had an idea on how to make this different. Yes, there are traditional fairytale stuff in this game that most people are familiar with, but there are also much less commonly known folklore, etc. that are not as well known unless you happen to be from the culture it came from. In other words, I plan to include stories from various cultures all over the world. I seen many games that uses stories that are pertaining to their demography, which works but I want to include others so as to bring an understanding of other cultures to the player. So for this game I have to do some heavy/extensive researching for folklore/fairytale in other cultures/countries. Of course there will be some changes to those stories to make it fit this game’s story, but I’m gonna try to keep it fairly true depending on the route you take.
I don’t plan on emphasizing what each story is about, as most of the time you’ll have to figure out which story it is as you play. I plan to make everything flow as seamless as possible into each other. Though some “stories” would be more obvious than others right away, some may take a little bit of playing through it to figure it out. But once you do, it’ll make understanding what to do a bit more easier. Now here’s the kicker, the theme is paths and choices, so what you do effects the outcome of not just the whole game in general but for each “story” you encounter. Those “endings” are what’s gonna effect the whole game’s final ending and there are several endings for each story (as well as the game itself).
First you have the “Happily Ever After” endings, which is what I would dub the “Disney” endings. But make no mistake, I’m not basing any of the stories on the Disney versions. I’m actually gonna use the original fairytales as they are, it’s just you can get the option or try at that sort of ending. Then there’s the “Neutral/Normal” ending which is how the actual story ends and may be a bit dark or gruesome, but that’s life :P Then, believe it or not, you got the “Bad/Worst” endings in which the worst case scenario happens. In some storylines, you could get achieve a “Special” ending, which usually follows the normal ending but changes up a few things or just goes off on a totally different turn.

Annnd that’s gonna be it for now :P I’ll eventually start building an actual stable page for my game later on when I can get my ducks in a semi-row :p