I’m a very artsy/crafty kind of person. I love to do all sorts of arts and crafts and am always learning something new. I’m somewhat of a procrastinator a lot of times, but I usually get things done when it’s needed. I am always working to fine tune my site into something more interesting to look at and be helpful in some way.

Name: Denise Cummings
Pen names: I often go by Ayperi Silverwolf or just Ayperi, in many cases. It’s actually a persona/name that I’m mostly known by for a very long time, and no, I’m not middle eastern. I liked it because it meant moonfairy. :p
Experience:  Over 20 years in all sorts of arts/crafts and digital/traditional mediums. I’m also a certified Internet-website design specialist. Although I have some animation experience, it’s considered pretty weak at this point since I don’t do it very much.
Hobbies:  Just about almost anything arts/crafts related, photography, jewelry making, digital stuff, gaming, reading, and collecting; cookbooks/recipes, craft items, tea sets, and whatever catches my fancy at the time ^_^;
Program Experience:  Proficient in Adobe Photoshop 7/CS3/CS6, PaintTool Sai, Painter X, Dreamweaver MX, Adobe ImageReady 7, Poser 4/ProPack  and versions 5 & 7, UV Mapper Pro, and Midi Studio Gen 5, Web Designer 6, Metasequoia, Marvelous Designer, Vocaloid 3, Magix Music Maker MX, Photoshop CS6 I’ve recently added a bit of game making programs into my little portfolio, such as rpg game maker VX Ace & XP etc.
Some experience with Anime Studio Pro, Manga Studio 4 EX, Hexagon 2, Adobe Illustration 11, Flashworks
Experience: Proficient with HTML, some basic JavaScript, graphic arts, visual arts, and use of necessary programs (as mentioned above). Can tinker with php, cgi, and more advanced JavaScript, but not as great at doing them from scratch. I’m mostly a graphic artist, than a programmer/coder, but can tinker with it. Lately along with my game making projects, I’ve been learning pixel art styles.
Worked with: Zencart, WordPress, Oekakiboard, Forums, and various other applications.

About the Site
This website has gone through so many transitions, it’s almost not funny ^_^;; I’ve changed, separated and rejoined my various sites and now I’m trying to actually just keep most of it on the same site. Basically I made this site my blog, resource, information and the occasional personal blogging, along with a bit of studio/portfolio stuff. Most of my more recent works would be posted in my deviantart gallery, so artwise it’s more current, while this site is more current on information and even some exclusive contents.

A little bit on the history of my site(s). My first website was “Ayperi’s Mystic Glen” as my pen-name at the time was Ayperi Silverwolf and pretty much still is. Then years later, I’ve changed it to “Emania: The Land of the Moon“. Both sites were more themed around my spiritual beliefs and it wasn’t till a few later that I’ve decided to go the more the general artist’s route. My site then became “Moonlight Silhouette Studio” for awhile. But later on, I wanted to have my own domain (as by that time I didn’t have one) but my studio title at the time would make for a very long domain and shortening it may cause some confusion. Which is when “The Lunarberry” came about and then I later altered the name to “LunarBerry Studio” since it was still more of an art site. I wanted a simple and yet easy to remember name. I also still kept much of the resources from my site’s past incarnations (The Book of Names, now known as Liber a Nomen, for ex.)
Now, after several years, I decided to change the name of my studio/general site a final time to MoonFaerie Studio. I really like this name far much better and it’s more fitting to me. Yes, I changed up things quite a bit in the past 20+ years X_x; I have a third domain that I plan to make into a site, just gotta figure what sort of site I want to make it. I got some ideas but want to be 100% sure.

*Of course, all previous incarnations of my site no longer exists, so if you see those titles, it’s not related to my past/current site(s).