Name: Denise Cummings
Experience/Skills:  Over 25 years in various arts, crafts, and digital/traditional mediums. To just name them off the top of my head, I have experience and skills in the following:

  • Traditional Mediums: painting, drawing, etc.
  • Digital Mediums: graphic arts, web design, professional printing, digital arts, etc.
  • Ceramics, woodworking, jewelry making, sewing, crocheting, basic knitting, candle making, resin works, incense making, bath and body products, and so on

My skill level varies depending on the said skill, of course. Some I’ve just started to learn while others, I’ve had been doing most of my life.

About the Site:
This website in general, is my conduit for showcasing my works, as well as providing random resources and information.

A little bit of site history:

My first website was “Ayperi’s Mystic Glen” as my pen name at the time was Ayperi Silverwolf. This was made when the internet was young and Yahoo was mainly a bunch of links with no graphics and blinkies (old schoolers would know this term lol). Then years later, I changed it to “Emania: The Land of the Moon”. Both sites were more themed around my spiritual beliefs and it wasn’t till a few years later that I decided to go the more general artist’s route. My site then became “Moonlight Silhouette Studio”, but later on, I wanted to have my own domain (as by that time I still didn’t have one). But my studio title at the time would make for a very long domain and shortening it may cause some confusion. This is when “The Lunarberry” came about and then I later altered the name to “LunarBerry Studio” since it was still more of an art site. I wanted a simple yet easy-to-remember name. I also still kept much of the resources from my site’s past incarnations (The Book of Names, now known as Liber a Nomen, for example). Now, after several years again, I decided to change the name of my studio/general site one final time to MoonFaerie Studio. I really like this name far much better, it’s easy to remember for the most part and it’s more fitting. Granted I do still have some of my digital art with the Lunarberry Studio trade/watermark, but do keep in mind, it’s not current.

*Of course, all previous incarnations of my sites no longer exist, so if you see those titles and related domain names (unless it’s on my current sites as watermarks), they are not related to my past/current site(s) nor to me.