Shipping, Returns & Refund Policy

This section explains the general policies when shopping on this site. Cancellation information is further below. It’s a bit much, but I try to make things very clear as possible. Feel free to contact me with any questions that the FAQ or any of these terms/conditions do not seem to cover or you don’t understand.

  • Standard shipping is currently free for orders $100+ (or meets the $35 requirement when through Etsy) for US residents only. If the buyer wishes to specify a shipping method/service I don’t normally offer, then the buyer is obligated to pay for that shipping.  This promo is subject to change. Commissions are excluded from this and other deals/offers.
  • Most physical items will be shipped within 1-3 business days and digital items will be instant or within 24 hours unless noted otherwise.
  • Please note, that shipping and processing may be delayed based on US holidays, business, personal, natural events such as weather hazards, etc. For any potential issues that may arise, buyers will be notified.

Insurance & Tracking:
Once the item is shipped, I will not be responsible for any loss or damages to such items along the way to you, caused by the shipping company when the packaging wasn’t faulty. Most items will usually have some form of tracking included, if available, for the shipping service selected. If it is not, it is highly recommended that you get it. Some shipping services may include insurance in their cost, usually up to a certain amount, and may require an add-on insurance amount for more costly items. This applies to physical item(s) only. Again, I highly recommend it.

Refunds On Physical Products:
The period for refunds is within 7 days from the date when received. The shipping cost for the return will be covered by the buyer.

Full refund:

  1. Item(s) that have not been shipped can essentially be canceled and buyers will be refunded if already paid for. (See Cancellations below).  If already shipped, item(s) must be returned/shipped back within 3 business days after product(s) have been received. Items must be in the same condition that it is received. Tracking is highly recommended. Refunds will be given once I receive the item back.
  2. If you have insurance on the product and it is lost/damaged during shipping, you must report to the post office to get the amount of cost back.
  3. *If the item was faulty during the 7-day timeframe, you’d still be required to ship the item back. Proof must be provided that the item was faulty.

Partial refund:

  1. *Item(s) has some minor/moderate issues and you don’t wish to ship them back. Then the only refund you’ll receive is 30% of the cost of the item, not including shipping. Again, proof must be provided that the item is faulty.

For international buyers, the same required time is expected but the time for the items’ return once shipped will be much more lenient since there’s a good bit of distance (thus tracking is essential).

*This does not include mishandling, misuse, or neglect of the product(s) whether through buyer or shipping services. Proof must be provided, as well.

Commissioned Products:
As it is a custom work, commissions do not get any refunds, and returns are not accepted. This is to cover material(s), time, and any other costs that may apply. Read below for further details.
I do offer commissions to be paid in sessions, upfront, or any additions (which vary depending on needed changes). Should the commission require a rare, expensive, and/or hard-to-get material, the cost of that material must be paid upfront. No exceptions. All payments must be completed for me to ship items to you.

Things to take note of in this regard:

  • Should you cancel your commission during any of its phases and not wish to receive the item, you acknowledge that you still get no refund and give up rights to said project, with no further obligation or compensation to you. You also agree to allow me to resell the item, regardless of original copyrighted designs/concepts. I will not obligated to credit you for the design or concept if it was yours, as agreed with clause #16 Submissions of the Terms and Conditions.
  • If you cancel before a commission is completed and have already paid in session, you will not be refunded any money that has been paid up to that point, but you will not be charged for further services not rendered, either.
  • Otherwise, you get the project “as is” at the time you cancel, with the shipping cost still your responsibility. This means you get what has been done and paid for up to that point and I’m under no further obligation to continue or complete it. You get what you paid for. So keep this in mind when commissioning me.

The choice of shipping will be discussed either during or after the completed commission, if applicable. Commissioned services/products or made-to-order products will vary in delivery time depending on time, materials, availability, and type of service or product.

Refunds On Digital Products – Digital downloads will receive no refunds once they are sent/instant downloaded by the buyer (due to the nature of digital products, I am not giving out freebies). If it’s a matter of something needing a fix-up,  adjustments, or correct format, the buyers will receive an updated/patched version of the product at no extra charge. If the file is corrupted, another will be sent to replace it, as well, at no cost. The only way a digital product would receive an actual refund is if it has not been emailed/sent, yet.

Be aware that items, digital or physical, that have been purchased with store credit can never receive a refund nor can be compensated with more store credit. I am also not obligated to offer replacements for them either.


This applies purely to cancellations. For order cancellations, you can notify me by email before I have dispatched the goods to you and you will be refunded, if necessary; or where items have already been dispatched to you, by returning items to me, the costs of returning goods to me shall be borne by you. You can return the goods you have ordered from me within 3 days from the receiving date of the item for a refund, if applicable.
MoonFaerie Studio reserves the right to cancel any order(s) and provide refunds (where applicable) under the following criteria:

1. Item(s) are out of stock, regardless, if item(s) will be restocked in the future or not. (The only exception is when items will be restocked and buyers wish to have a back-order)
2. Unable to verify necessary buyer information. This especially applies, but is not limited, to buyers purchasing certain products, etc. that are not suitable for minors or if fraudulent activity is suspected.
3. Have not received payment for the order(s) within 1 week that the order was made.
4. The order has been canceled at the customer’s request.
5. Complications within/during the order/processing which may include, but are not limited to, natural disasters, unable to obtain proper materials, or anything that may hinder the item being shipped or created for a long period.
6. Unable to get in contact with or get a reply from the customer about the order in question for 2 weeks (or more depending on circumstances), should problems or questions arise.