Small update

With the holidays coming up I’ll, of course, be fairly busy with various things to tie up this year, mostly personal stuff but also some stuff involving business things. My plan is to get things really started in January of the new year. So aside from personal projects, I’ve been working on handcrafted items for Read More

Studio update

Well now been back to my job and now that it’s getting hotter, progress on the craft shed has slowed down, but I’m at least within the last stages of being able to move equipment in. I just need to do the flooring (and trim/moulding) and it should be pretty much ready for use. Other Read More

Good progresses

Well the studio shed is built, with power running and the interior is already about half way done. With luck, I can finish it up before I head back to my regular work. I’m hoping to be able to invest in a small kiln beforehand, so I can start firing ceramics. If anything this is Read More

A bit of update.

With all the crazy stuff happening, in a weird way the quarantine has allowed me plenty time to work on my studio shed. It’s already built but been going over it to seal any gaps, reinforce areas, etc. I’ll have to go back over areas on the outside that I sealed off and repaint them, Read More