Old Set of Web Graphics O_o

This is a set of realllly old webgraphics. Mostly background tiles and banners, with some misc. icons etc. I don’t really care how you want to use these, you don’t even have to credit lol :p

Custom Facial Templates

Here’s a set of facial templates that I made. Various expressions and facial styles. I’ve included blank versions, my own and Mack/Looseleaf. Commercial free, credit required. Credit: Moonfaerie Studio Mack/Looseleaf

*Mermaid Template Package

Everything but the premade blonde mermaid sprite sheet is commercial friendly. All templates are edited to match taller sprites better. Update 12/31/16: Now you can download files separately. Credits: MoonFaerie Studio (previous names still works —> LunarBerry or Lunarberry Studio; just update to new name) (https://moonfaeriestudio.com) Mermaid template swimming and rock sitting, originally created by

*Ragnarok Online Base Templates for RPGM VX ACE

I have the files separated in my deviantart gallery, but decided to compact them all together here to download. These are heavily edited RO sprites to where they look pretty decent animated in rpgmaker vx ace (as they were intended for this game engine). The muscular males are heavy edits from BlackHand’s standing poses and