*Ragnarok Online Base Templates for RPGM VX ACE

I have the files separated in my deviantart gallery, but decided to compact them all together here to download. These are heavily edited RO sprites to where they look pretty decent animated in rpgmaker vx ace (as they were intended for this game engine). The muscular males are heavy edits from BlackHand's standing poses and all the head (with some editing) are also by him. I have edited out the clothing (though left the shoes on most :P) and placed a "blank" head so that these templates can be custom edited for game-making purposes. Though these were made for the rpgmaker vx ace, it isn't hard to convert them to XP version, simply extend the canvas and make a copy of the center column to the far right in a graphics editor. There also include different body types, such as model, elf, curvy, etc.

1. You cannot use this for any commercial/profit purposes.
2. You cannot claim it as your work.
3. You cannot redistribute.
4. You must give proper credit when used. (see below)
you can, of course ...
1. Use it for personal free projects.
2. Edit or modify it.
3. Show off your edits.

LunarBerry or Moonfaerie Studio (you can use either)
BlackHand - for the heads and for the muscular male templates
Ragnarok Online belongs to Gravity

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