Happy Halloween and new demo update for YesterYear!

A good bit since the last update but the new YesterYear demo update has been posted and it’s a Halloween edition It includes a few exclusive bonus materials, too. Go check it out! http://save-point.org/thread-6163-post-46589.html#pid46589 Been so busy with many projects (like crafts and offline stuff :p) we pulled into overdrive to get this done on Read More

New Update Log

YesterYear has a new update log that you can check out over here. YesterYear’s Update Log You can see updates posted more dynamically by the active team members (currently mainly me and the project creator, Siletrea). It’s a bit colorful and full of hearts in designs (the project creators loves hearts :p) so dun mind Read More

Collaborated Project: YesterYear

Alrighty, it’s been awhile. The usual stuff that keeps me busy >_<; Aside from my own game project, I’ve mentioned in the past that I was helping out on another with their project that is going to be commercialized. We have now made enough progress to start posting more information and updates on the progress. Read More