Uses for “Advanced Pet Care: Safelock Finger Brush by Arm&Hammer”

Facial washcloth for Toy Breeds:
If you own a toy breed dog, you’ll know that they can be so small as to be engulfed in things that are even considered to be made for small dogs, at times. Though it is intended to clean their teeth, the size is more suited to medium-large dogs but makes an excellent facial washcloth for their tiny faces. Especially good for softening those eye boogers.
As a Micro-cleaner/wiper:
This little cloth can also be very useful for getting into tighter spaces or to clean smaller items/areas (ex.- figurines, jewelry, keyboards, etc.) The type of material this teeth cleaning cloth is made from looks like any microfiber cloth wipes you’d get in the home cleaning section. Again, when you don’t want to clean up as much material afterward and the area isn’t large enough to be worth dirtying a regular-size cleaning cloth, then this would work well.

Misc. Tips:
Considering this item has a small elastic band (intended to keep the cloth stabilized by placing it over the next finger), it can be turned over to tie the material into a tiny pouch. This can be useful in a couple of ways. First, as mentioned, this can be useful as a human facial cleansing cloth and as such, you can add a piece of facial soap in this ready-made “pouch” to clean the face with, to keep it sudsy.
Second, the texture is the same on the inside as the outside, so this can be handy when you want to clean very small items but are afraid of dropping them or losing them in the cleaning process. Just place them in the pouch and gently rub/manipulate the items inside. You can even keep them in the pouch and rinse it thoroughly (if wet and sudsy) to keep them safe before removing them.