Icons – Asian Food Set #1

These icons are intended for game use (particularly RPG Maker VX Ace), but I will allow the use of these icons in other game engines, especially the rpg maker series. The icons here are foods and are all being used in my current game project. I decided to offer these because I've had a real hard time find stuff like these for icons and figured these may help others.

Commercial Projects/Use - No
Non-commercial/Personal Use/Free Projects - Yes
Redistribution/Including Edits - No
Resell as is or edited - No

For commercial use, contact me to work out something.

Listed the items from top/left to right

  1. Korean - Bibimbap (mixed rice) or Dolsot Bibimbap (hot stone bowl version, can be dols-imbap for short)
  2. Japan - Unagi-Don (grilled eel over a rice bowl)
  3. Japan - Uni-Don (Uni/Sea urchin over a rice bowl)
  4. Korean - Danmuji (yellow pickled-radish slices)
  5. Japan - Ebi Tempura (battered fried shrimp)
  6. Sea Urchin (opened)
  7. Sea Urchin
  8. Sea Urchin (opened up close)
  9. Raw Shrimp
  10. Japan - Ebi Sushi (Shrimp)
  11. Japan - Tamago Sushi (Egg)
  12. Japan - Unagi Sushi (Eel)
  13. Japan - Uni Sushi (Sea Urchin)
  14. Japan - Maguro Sushi (Lean Tuna)
  15. Japan - Sake Sushi (Salmon) or Otoro Sushi (Fatty Tuna)
  16. Japan - Roe Sushi (Fish Egg)
  17. Japan - Tako Sushi (Octopus)
  18. Japan - Takoyaki
  19. Japan - Onigiri w/Nori (seaweed wrap)
  20. Japan - Onigiri w/Umeboshi (pickled plum)
  21. Japan - Onigiri Sekihan (with red bean)
  22. Japan - Grilled Onigiri
  23. Japan - Onigiri Sakura (cherry blossom) or seasoned
  24. Japan - Onigiri (Plain)
  25. Japan - Massive Onigiri
  26. Edamame or Soy Beans
  27. Soy Beans or Peas

Last row is for sushi/kimbap making :D

  1. Japan - Nori (Pressed Seaweed)
  2. Japan - Sushi Rice or tiny onigiri
  3. Cooked Shrimp (fillet/split)
  4. Salmon or Fatty Tuna (fillet)
  5. Lean Tuna (fillet)
  6. Egg/Tamago (wedge)
  7. Roe (fish eggs) or berries
  8. Unagi (grilled/sauced freshwater eel)
  9. Uni (sea urchin)
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Asian Food