I wish to print/copy from “_page_” but can’t, why?

I am please that you like my resource contents, but I have things setup the way they are for a reason. As mentioned within questions about linking directly from pages etc. instead of the main/home page, I’ve had too many people abuse that and make it either look like part of their site or steal content that wasn’t meant to be posted elsewhere. This happened so many times and even some floral company (for the flower language) took my listings with no credit whatsoever and the main reason I was able to tell it was my listing was cause it was pretty much word for word. I’ve had to type everything down myself manually, originally in the earlier days, before I got to use a better system and that’s a lot of time putting in to it (anywhere from days to month, etc.). It became pretty discouraging.

Right now, the only stuff I’ve setup for print etc. is my recipes/remedies/etc.

I’ve stopped updating the Liber a Nomen and Flower Language because there’s much more sites now that offer similar information with easier searches. So my stuff on that subject is “old news”, and it’s pretty much optional if I ever do update them. I apologize for the inconvenience for folks that do mean well, but information is still here for references to look at, when needed. Maybe I’ll update the content in the future if I feel up to it, but for now it’s not a priority.