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(Female Names)



Aba: african: Girl born on Thursday

Abina: southern ghana: Girl born on Thursday

Abiona: yoruban: Born on a journey

Adesina: yoruban: The way is opened for more; The coming of
this baby has opened the way (for more children)

Agrafina: russian: Born feet first

Aina: yoruban: Complicated delivery

Efia (eh-fee-uh): ghanese: Born on Tuesday

Kasinda: african: Born to a family with twins

Kekona: hawaiian: Second-born

Kesi: swahili: Born when the father was in trouble

Kessie: ghanese: Fat at birth

Kissa: ugandan: Born after twins

Ledah: hebrew: Birth

Najibah (nah-jee-bah): muslim: Highborn

Natalie/Natasha: latin/slavic: Born on Christmas

Nika: russian: Born on Sunday

Winona: sioux indian: First-born daughter

Zalika: african: Well born


Jumoke (joo-moh-keh): ugandan: Everyone loves the baby


Fantine (fahn-teen): french: Childlike

Fatima: muslim: “Baby girl who is weaned”

Ih-tedda: apache: Young girl

Jendyose (jen-dee-oh-seh): ugandan: Have done good to produce
this child

Medea: latin: Middle child

Minako: japanese: Beautiful little child

Miriam: hebrew: Longed-for child

Missy: english: Young girl

Noriko: japanese: Doctrine child

Paige: old english: Young, a child

Panya: swahili: Small child

Shey: gypsy: Pre-puberty gyspy girl

Yoko: japanese: Positive child, female

Zigana: hungarian: Gypsy girl


Abarrane/Abra/Abrahanna: basque: Father of many (fem. Abraham)

Abida: hebrew: My father knows

Emma: greek: Grandmother

Jordane (johr-dayn): hebrew: Descendent

Kakra: ghanese: Younger of twins

Kaya: hopi indian: My elder sister-little

Kehinde (keh-heen-deh): yoruban: Second of twins

Kirvi: gypsy: Godmother

Macawi (mah-kah-wee): native american: Motherly

Natane: arapaho indian: Daughter

Natura: latin: Lineage

Nena: muslim: Motherly

Panyin: ghanese: Older of twins

Tia (tee- ah): spanish: Aunt

Tonantzin (toh-nan-zeen or toh-nayn-tseen): aztec: Honored

Uma: hindu: Mother

(Male Names)



Ajayi: yoruban: Born face-down

Ashon: ghanese: Seventh born son

Bacheh: persian: Baby, child

Bandele: yoruban: Born away from home

Danior: english gypsy: Born with teeth

Essien: african: Sixth-born son

Jarek: polish: Born in January

Taro: japanese: First-born male



Kayin: yoruban: Celebrated child


Benjamin: hebrew: Son of the right hand

Davis: scottish: David’s son

Edison: english: Son of Edward

Grayson: old english: Son of the bailiff; Son of Gray

Harrison: english: Son of Harry

Kendrick: gaelic: Son of Henry

Lensar: english gypsy: With his parents

Mackenzie: gaelic: Son of the wise leader

Nelson: english: Son of neil

Nevin: gaelic: Nephew

Ochen (oh-ken): ?: One of the twins

Odion: nigerian: First of twins

Pierson: english: Son of Peter

Ruben: hebrew: Behold a son

Sanders: english: Son of Alexander

Wilson: german: Son of William

Zaide (zah-ee- deh): yiddish: Elder