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Female names: People of Legends, Mystic creatures, Angels, Mystics, Fate, Muses, Royalty, Nobles, Mystical stuff, Warrioress, Weapons/Armor, Creatvity, Other,
Male names: People of Legends, Mystic creatures, Angels, Mystics, Mystical stuff, Royalty, Nobles, Warriors, Weapons/Armor, Other,

(Female names)


People of Legends/History/Myths

Alala: greek: The sister of Ares

Alcina: greek: A sorceress who ruled over a magickal island.
When she tired of her lovers, she turned them into animals, trees, or stones

Alena: russian: A form of Helen

Aleris: greek: Ancient name

Amara: abyssian: Legend=”paradise”

Anastasia/Stacia: greek: One who will rise again

Andromeda: greek: Beautiful maiden rescued by Perseus

Anicula: latin: Crone

Anteia: greek: Wife of sea-god Proteus

Aurnia: celtic: Historic name

Batya: hebrew: Daughter of God

Bilquees (bill-kwees): muslim: Queen of Sheba

Cassandra: greek: Prophetess to whom no one listened

Castalia: greek: Wife of King Delphus

Daphne: greek: Daughter of the River god Peneus

Delia: latin: An inhabitant of Delow, birth place of Artemis
and Apollo

Elissa: greek: Queen of Carthage

Erinna: latin: Lesbian poetess

Fabula: latin: Myth

Ganymedes (gahn-nah-mee-dees or gah-nah-meeds): latin: Jupiter’s
beautiful cupbearer

Gratidia: greek: Cicero’s Grandmother

Harmonia: roman: Daughter of Mars and Venus; Harmony

Helen: greek: In the Trojan War, this woman was fought over for
her remarkable beauty.

Hero: greek: Priestess of Aphrodite in Sestos; beloved by Leander
of Abydos

Inga: swedish: Hero’s daughter

Ingrid: teutonic: Hero’s daughter

Kahina: african: Berber leader, prophetess and warrior princess.
Died in Tunisia A.D. 703

Kala: arabian: Fortress, castle; also listed as a Buddhist saint’s
name if pronounced ‘cha-lah’

Khadijah (Kah-dee-jah): muslim: Mohammed’s first wife, means
“born prematurely”

Larissa: greek: Mythical woman

Latonia: latin: Mother of Apollo and Diana

Layla: swahili: Famous beauty in Leyla and Majnun

Leda: greek: Mythology, a Spartan Queen, Mother of Helen of Troy

Lilith: hebrew: Spirit of the night; First woman created by god,
whom spurned Adam because she didn’t like him dominating her, said to have become
a demon.

Macaria (mah-kay-ree-uh): greek: Daughter of Hercules and Deianara

Maia: greek: Mythology; Daughter of Atlas; Mother of Hermes

Megara: greek: Wife of Hercules

Nila/Nyla: egyptian: An ancient Egyptian princess; the river
Nile; Egyptian

Penthesilea (pehn-theh-sil-ee-ah): greek: Queen of the Amazons

Phaon/Phaonis: latin: Beautiful Lesbian youth beloved by Sappho

Rhea: greek: Daughter of Heaven and Earth

Sanjna: indian: Wife of the Sun

Sappho: latin: Lyric poetess of Mytilene

Shirin: persian: Sweet, a legendary beauty

Shanley: gaelic: Child of the old hero

Siv (seev): norwegian: Kinship, wife of Thor

Sunita: indian: A daughter of Dharma

Timandra: greek: Daughter of hero Tyndareus

Zenaide (zah-nay- ed): greek: Daughter of Zeus

Zenobia: greek: Given life by Zeus

Zita (zee-tah): latin: Patron of housewives and servants

Mythical Creatures

Furia: latin: Hell-hound

Harpy/Harpyiae: greek: Half woman and half bird

Hydra: greek: Seven-headed serpent, killed by Hercules

Jini: kiswahili: A genie

Scylla: latin: A sea-monster with the upper body of a woman and
lower half serpent; daughter of Phorcus


Agnola: italian: Angel

Anela: hawaiian: Angel

Angela: greek: Heavenly messenger; angel

Angelica: latin: Angelic

Angeni (ahn-gay-nee): native american: Spirit angel

Ariel/Ariella: hebrew: Lioness of God; air or water spirit (angel);
ethereal; Angel of animals

Arella: hebrew: Angel, messenger

Aymelek: turkish: Moon angel

Dabria: latin: Name of an angel

Dara: persian: Angel of rains and rivers

Esme: welsh: Gracious protector

Gabi: hebrew: Pet form of Gabriella, name of an angel

Gotzone (goh-tsoh-nee): basque: Angel, messenger

Hadiya (hay-dee-yah): arabic: Guide to righteousness; gift

Kamali: rhodesian: Spirit Protector

Malaika (mah-lah-ee-kah): kiswahili: Angel

Melek/Melik: turkish: Angel

Meredith: old welsh: Guardian from the sea

Muriel: latin: Angel of June

Neria: hebrew: Lamp of god, angel

Nitika: ?: Angel of precious stones

Olinda: old german: Protector of property

Oriel: old french: Golden, Angel of Destiny

Ramona: teutonic: Wise protectoress

Sarafinah: hebrew: Ardent, like the angel who protects God’s
throne in Christian Mythology

Sarea (sair-ee-uh): latin?: name of an angel

Serafina/Seraphina: spanish-latin: Seraph, angel

Talia (tah-lee-uh): hebrew: Heaven’s dew, name of angel

Terentia (ta-ren-shah): greek: Guardian

Vesta: latin: Guardian of the sacred fire


Druidae: latin: Druids

Dymphna: gaelic: Suitable one, virgin saint

Haimi (hah-ee-mee): hawaiian: The seeker

Helenus: greek: Soothsayer

Kachina (kah-chee-nah): native american: Sacred dancer

Kaimi/Haimi: polynesian/hawaiian: The seeker

Kaula: polynesian: Prophet

Keara (keer-uh): irish: From a saint’s name

Meda: native american: Priestess; Prophet

Miko: japanese: Priestess or literally translates “beautiful

Nahimana: native american: Mystic

Noita (Noi-tah): finnish: Witch

Peneope: greek: The weaver

Pythia (pith-ee-uh): greek: Prophet

Rahibe (rah-hee-bee): turkish: Nun

Ramla: swahili: Fortune-teller or prophet

Rhiamon: welsh: Witch

Saga: latin: Witch

Satinka (sah-teen-kah): native american: Magic dancer

Shannon: irish: Little wise one

Sibley/Sibyl: greek: Prophetess

Sybil: latin: Prophetess

Talib: arabian: Seeker

Talibah: muslim: Seeker of knowledge

Veleda: german: A virgin and prophetess


Alecto: latin: A Fury, one of three Fates

Atropos: greek: One of the three Fates, the one who cuts life.

Clotho: greek: One of the three Fates, the one who weaves life.

Eryn: latin: A Fury

Kismet: english: Fate

Lachesis: latin: One of the three Fates, the one who measures

Megaera: greek: A Fury

Nona: greek: latin: One of the three Fates

Parca: greek: “One of the Fates”

Tisiphone: latin: A fury


Aglaia: greek: One of three Graces epitomizing brilliance

Clio: greek: Muse of History

Erato: latin: The Muse of lyric amatory poetry

Euterpes (yoo-terp-ees): latin: Muse of lyric poetry

Melpomene(s): greek: The Muse of tragic poetry

Polythymnia (pah-lee-theem-nee-ah): latin: Muse of the pantomimes;
also of lyric poetry

Serendipity: latin: Muse of Inspiration

Terpsichore (ter-see-chor-eh): latin: The Muse of dancing

Thalia: latin: The Muse of Comedy; blossoming

Urania (yoo-ray-nee-ah): greek/latin: Heavenly; Muse of Astronomy
and Astrology


Aasiyah (ah-see-yah): muslim: Queen with a powerful dynasty

Alysa/Alyssa: greek: Princess; logical

Ameerah: arabic: Princess

Amira: muslim: Princess, ruler

Aricia: greek: Princess of the royal blood of Athens

Daria: persian: Queenly

Dionne (digh-oh-nee): greek: Divine queen

Fallon: irish: Grandchild of the ruler

Farica: teutonic: Peaceful ruler

Henka: teutonic: Ruler of an estate

Hime: japanese: Princess

Kisaki: japanese: Empress

-kouhi: japanese: Queen; it’s placed after name.

Malha: hewbrew: Queen

Malka: hebrew: Queen

Marina: latin: Princess of the sea

Morag: gaelic: Princess

Niamh: gaelic: Irish mythical princess of the land of promise

Noelani: hawaiian: A princess, means “Beautiful one from heaven”

Nusta: inca: Princess

Ra’eesah (rah-ee-sah): muslim: Leader, princess, noble, a wealthy

Rane (rah-neh): latin: Pure, queen

Rani: hindu: A queen

Rashiqa/Rashieka: arabian: Descended from Royalty

Regina: latin: Queen

Riane/Ryanne: gaelic: Little king

Riona: celtic: Queenly

Sari (shah-ree): hebrew: Princess

Sharon: hebrew: Princess

Shazadi: persian: Princess

Syeira (sigh-ehr-ah): gypsy: Princess

Sydelle (sigh- del): hebrew: Princess

Tia: greek: Princess

Valeska: polish: Glorious ruler


Akela: hawaiian: Noble

Alita: spanish: Noble

Alix: teutonic: Noble

Alison/Allison/Alisson: old german: Noble; Kind; Little truthful

Catilina: roman: Noble, or the name of a noble Roman

Della: teutonic: Of nobility

Ducissa: latin: Duchess

Edlyn: old english: Noble woman

Freya: norwegian: Noble woman

Majidah: muslim: Powerful, noble

Nabila: egyptian: Noble

Natesa: hindu: Dance lord

Nazirah (nah-zeer-ah): muslim: Leader, vanguard

Nola: celtic: Noble

Palla: inca: Noble Lady

Patricia: latin: Of nobility

Samia: muslim: Noble,lofty

Saree: arabic: Most noble

Tessa: italian: Countess

Zalika: swahili: Well-born

Mystical stuff

Ariadne/Ariana/Arianna/Ariane: greek: Very holy one

Airlia/Airlea: greek: Ethereal

Aisling/Aislinn/Ashling: gaelic: Vision, dream

Alima: arabic: Wise

Althea: greek: Healing

Ani: nigerian: A spirit

Asiza: african: Forest spirit

Chaitra: hindu: Aries sign

Disa: norwegian: Active spirit

Enid: gaelic: The spirit or soul

Felcia (fehl-shuh): polish: Lucky

Geneviene: celtic: Magick sighs

Hayal (hah-yahl?): turkish: Dream

Hulya (hool-yah): turkish: Daydream

Iman: arabic: Faith, belief

Jada: hebrew: Wise

Jan: persian: Soul; life

Jennifer: welsh: White spirit

Jinkx: latin: A charm, normally associated with bad luck.

Kadri/Kadriya/Kader: turkish: Destiny

Kameko: japanese: Tortoise-child, symbol for long-life

Kerani: hindu: Sacred bells

Khalidah: arabic: Immortal

Khalida: muslim: Immortal; surviving/alive

Kyna: gaelic: Wise

Kynthia (kin-thee-ah): greek: Born under the sign of cancer

Luighsaech: irish: Bringer of life

Magan: teutonic: Power

Mana: hawaiian: Supernatural power

Maya: hindu: Divine creative force in everything

Mela: hindu: Religious gathering

Mesha: hindu: Ram, born under the sign of Aries

Miya: japanese: Temple; Shinto

Miyako: japanese: Temple child or Child of the Temple; Shinto

Narda: latin: Fervently annointed

Orra: scottish: Charm, amulet

Orenda: iroquois indian: Magic power

Parijan: persian: Fair soul

Pemba: african: The force of present existence

Priscilla: latin: Of ancient time

Ramona: spanish: Mighty, wise

Rei: japanese: Soul, spirit

Renata: latin: Reborn

Ruhani (roo-hahn-ee): persian: Spiritual

Rya: turkish: Dream

Saffi: danish: Wisdom

Sakinah: arabic: God-inspired peace-of-mind, tranquility

Sancia (sayn-chuh): latin: Holy

Sapientia: latin: Wisdom

Sapna: indian: Dream

Selma: scandinavian: Divinely protected

Sesha: hindu: Serpent who symbolizes time

Shantay: french: Enchanted

Shin: korean: Belief

Sophia: greek: Wisdom

Tansy: greek: Immortality

Tiffany: greek: Divine manifestation

Veda: hindu: Sacred knowledge

Vedis: celtic: Sacred spirit of the forest

Wakanda: native american: Inner magickal power


Ailith: old english: Seasoned warrior

Alfonsine/Alfonsia: old german: Noble and ready for battle

Drina: spanish: Helper and defender of mankind

Erica/Erika: english: Warrior, warrior-like

Geraldine (jer-al-deen): ?: Ruler with a spear

Gertrude: teutonic: Spear maiden

Hale (hah-leh): old norse: Army ruler

Hazel: teutonic: Commander, commmanding authority

Kalevi (kah-leh-vee): finnish: Hero

Lexine: hebrew: Helper and defender of mankind

Lois: greek: Battle maiden

Lola: spanish: Strong woman

Louise: old german: Famous warrior

Neala: celtic: Chieftainess

Neely: english: Champion

Nicia (nee-chee-uh): greek: Victorious army

Olesia: polish: Helper and defender of mankind

Sandrine: greek: Helper and defender of mankind

Sashenka: russian: Defender and helper of mankind

Serilda: old german: Armed maiden of war

Uta: german: Fortunate maid of battle

Valda: old norse: Spirited Warrioress

Verena: teutonic: Defender

Waneta: native american: Charger

Winema: native american: Female chief

Yvonne (ee-von): old french: Archer

Zandra: greek: Helper and defender of mankind


Poloma: choctaw indian: Bow

Siham (see-ham): arabic: Arrows

Thyra: greek: Shield-bearer

Zeva: greek: Sword


Afsana (ahf-sah-nah): persian: Tale/story

Cantilena: latin: Old song

Chantla: latin: Song, chant

Corinna: greek: poetess

Devnet: celtic: Poet

Historia: latin: History; story; tale

Kavindra: hindu: Mighty poet

Mangena: hebrew: Melody

Manzuma: egyptian: Poem or song

Melina: greek: Song

Myra: french: Quiet song

Nagmah: middle eastern: Melody, song

Nazima: muslim: Poetess, matron

Nazmiye (nahz-mee-yee): turkish: Poem

Odella/Odele: greek: Melody/song

Rawiyah (rah-wee-yah): middle eastern: Narrator, storyteller

Samira: muslim: One who narrates stories in the night; storyteller;

She’er (sheh-ehr): persian: Poet

She’r: persian: Poem

Shira: hebrew: Song

Shiri/Shirili (sher-ee-lee): hebrew: My song

Tarana: persian: Melody

Teague (teeg): celtic: Poet


Aldora/Aldara: greek: Winged gift

Aleta/Alida: latin: Small winged one

Alima: arabic: Skilled in dance and music; Sea maiden

Alula: latin: winged one

(Male Names)


People of Legends/Myths/History

Adonis: greek: A beautiful young man, beloved by Aphrodite.

Alexander: greek: Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia, conquered
Asia Minor, Syria, Babylonia, Egypt, and Persia, in short, the entire known world,
during his reign.

Andreus: greek: Son of the river Peneius

Amasis: egyptian: One of the most excellent Pharaohs

Archimedes (ark-ah-mee-dees): greek: Excellent mathematician
and mechanic at Syracuse

Autolycus (ay-oo-toh-lee-koos): greek: A thieving shape-shifter

Barnabas: hebrew: Son of prophecy

Calchas/Calchantis: latin: High priest and seer among the Greeks
before Troy

Chryses (pronounced like crisis): latin: Priest of Apollo

Derry: irish: Great lover, an ancient hero

Dymas (dee-mas): greek: Father of Hecate

Eryx: greek: Son of Aphrodite and Poseidon

Hesodus: greek: An Ancient poet

Kalkin: hindu: Tenth incarnation of god Vishnu

Laocoon (lah-oh-koon): greek: A Trojan priest of Apollo

Maduin: irish: Originally spelled “Mael Duin.” Mael Duin is a
major hero of Irish Mythology. Son of Ailill, he was raised by nuns after his
father was killed by raiders. When told his father’s story, Mael Duin sets out
with sixteen warriors to avenge his death, and his subsquesent voyages have been
called the “Irish Odyssey.”

Manning: old english: Son of the hero

Orion: greek: Son of fire, the hunter

Palidor: medieval: A paladin is a virtuous knight who represents
the pinnacle of chivalry and knightly ideals.

Ramuh: hindu: Rama is the hero of an epic Indian poem, the Ramayana.
He is handsome, brave, and a model individual. After many trials and tribulations,
he becomes king, and it is revealed that Rama is actually the god Vishnu in human

Royce: english: Son of the King

Saunders/Sanders: greek: Son of Alexander

Senon: spanish: Given life by Zeus

Sesostris: egyptian: An Egyptian king

Tabari (tah- bah-ree): north african: After a famous muslim historian

Yervant (yehr-vahnt): armenian: An armenian king

?Mythical Creatures?

Bahamut: mythology: Bahamut is the mythical king of the dragons.

Cerberus (sahr-rah-behs): greek: Three-headed hell-dog

Charon: greek: The ferryman of the Underworld

Cwn Anwwn (koon ah-noon): celtic: Hell-hound

Cyclops: greek: One-eyed giant

Drake/Draco/Draconis: latin: Dragon, serpent

Fenrir: norse: Fenrir is a gigantic wolf, offspring of Loki and
Angerboda, who is the enemy of all the gods. He was banished and bound in Hel,
but will break free at Ragnarok and slay Odin.

Golem: jewish: The original Golem was a stone creature that was
brought to life by the sacred word of a holy man. The Golem was a sort of primitive

Gyges (jigh-gees): latin: A 100-armed Giant

Ifrit: middle eastern: Orignally spelled “Efreet”. Efreet are
fire djinns from the elemental plane of fire who lived in the City of Brass.

Talos (tay-lohs): greek: Giant protector of Minos Island

Terrato: norse: The original name of this Esper was “Midgard’s
Serpent”. Midgard’s Serpent is a gigantic serpent, offspring of Loki and Angerboda,
that lay at the bottom of the ocean. The Serpent was destined to consume the earth
at Ragnarok.


Alden: old english: Old wise protector

Angelo: greek: Angel

Angelus: latin: Angel

Blaz: old german: Unwavering protector

Custodis/Custosodis: latin: Guardian

Eamon: anglo-saxon: Wealthy Guardian

Gabriel: latin: “Hero of God”, he is considered the gentle Archangel
and is associated with the moon and water. He carries a golden trumpet and a white

Hadi (hah-dee): arabic: Guide to the right

Javan: latin: Angel of Greece

Jibril: arabic: Archangel Gabriel

Micheal: latin: “Who is like God?”, he is one of the four well
known Archangels and is asociated with fire. He carries a sword and scale.

Murdoch: scottish: Sea protector

Payton: scottish: Pastor, guardian

Parker: english: Protector of the park

Ranger: french: Guardian of the forest

Sachiel: latin: Angel of water

Seraphim: Latin: A seraph is a holy angel with three pairs of
wings. Seraphim are often paired with cherubim.

William: old german: Resolute guardian

Zaniel (zay-nee-el): latin: Angel of Mondays


Alim: arabic: wise, learned one

Cato: latin: Sagacious, wise one

Ciar: irish: Saint’s name

Connor: celtic: Wise aid

Diogenes (dee-ohg-een-ees): greek: Cynic philosopher

Jason: greek: Healer

Keenan: gaelic: Little ancient one

Khoury (kohr-ee): arabic: Priest

Mannix: irish: Monk

Shinpi: japanese: Priest; mystery

Sumner: old french: Summoner

Talib: sikhism: Seeker of truth

Vats (vah-tees): latin: Fortuneteller

Mystical stuff

Caton: spanish: Knowledgable, wise

Durrikan (doo-ree-ken): english gypsy: Fortune-telling

Mansur: arabic: Divinely aided

Nevan: irish: Holy

Pilan: native american: Supreme essence

Sephiroth (Seph-ehr-ohs or Seph-ehr-oth): qabbalah:”Infinite
brought into finite”; “A god brought into a man”; “Timeless brought into time”

Shen: chinese: Spiritual, deep-thinking

Taurin: latin: Born under the sign of Taurus

Thurston: norse: Thor’s stone


Alaric: old german: Noble ruler

Auaui (ah-oo-ahwee?): inca: Prince

Audric: french: Old and wise ruler

Bazyli: polish: Royalty

Berthold: teutonic: Brilliant ruler

Berton: teutonic: Glorious ruler

Enrique (ehn-ree-keh): basque: Ruler of an estate

Hide: japanese: Prince

Koutei: japanese: Emperor

Jared: hebrew: One who rules

Manco: peruvian: King

Merrick: english: Ruler of the sea

-ou: japanese: King; also could be used as God or Deity; it’s
placed after a name.

Ray: french: Kingly

Regis (ree-jis): latin: Regal, kingly

Rex: latin: King

Richard: old german: Strong ruler

Rico: spanish: Noble ruler

Roi (roy): french: King

Rory: teutonic: Famous ruler

Ryan: gaelic: Little king

Shahzadeh (shah-zah-deh): persian: Prince

Xerxes (zer-zees): persian: Ruler


Aelius (ahy-lee-uhs): roman: A gentile name

Alan: celtic: Noble

Antonius (Ahn-tohn-ee-uhs): roman: A gentile name

Arthur: celtic: Noble

Asinius (Ah-sin-ee-uhs): roman: A gentile name

Barnett: old english: Noble

Calpurnius: roman: A gentile name

Chalmers: scottish: Son of the lord

Coman: arabic: Noble

Kedar: hindu: Mountain Lord

Nolan: gaelic: Famous and noble

Patrick: latin: Nobleman

Paxton: latin: Nobleman

Thanos (tahn-ohs): greek: Noble

Tiernan: gaelic: Lordly


Bali: hindu: Mighty warrior

Bevan: celtic: Youthful warrior

Caedmon: celtic: Wise warrior

Chad/Chadwick: celtic: Warrior

Chevalier: french: Knight

Duncan: celtic: Dark-skinned warrior

Dustin: old german: Valiant fighter

Elek: hungarian: Helper and defender of mankind

Eric: english: Warrior, warrior-like

Garret: anglo-saxon: Powerful with the spear

Garrick: old english: One who governs with a spear

Gerik (gay-rik): polish: Prosperous spearman

Gunnar: teutonic: Bold warrior

Harmen: old english: Soldier

Herman: old german: Man of the army

Hunter: old english: Hunter

Kane: gaelic: Tribute, warrior

Kester: latin: From the camp of the Roman army

Kishi: japanese: Knight

Liam: irish: Unwavering protector

Mandek: polish: Army man

Mather: old english: Strong army

Miles: latin: Soldier

Murphey: irish: Sea warrior

Neil: gaelic: Champion

Odon: hungarian: Wealthy protector

Orman: english: Spearman

Patton: old english: From the castle of the warrior

Raymond: old english: Mighty protector

Raynor: old norse: Mighty army

Redmond: old german: Protecting counselor

Sandor: hungarian: Helper and Defender of mankind

Saxon: english: Swordsman

Thane: old english: Attendant warrior

Theron: greek: Hunter

Torin: irish: Chief

Tyee: native american: Chief

Venator (veh-nah-tohr): latin: Hunter

Warren: german: Defender

Warner: german: Protective warrior

Walter: german: Powerful warrior


Aleron: french: Knight armor

Brandon: anglo-saxon: Sword

Brenainn: irish: Sword

Gary: old english: Spear carrier

Gerard: old german: Spear-brave

Hagan: teutonic: Strong defense

Harold: old english: Army-power

Kasen: latin: Protected with a helmet

Kenelm: old english: Brave helmet

Kennedy: gaelic: Helmeted chief

Motega: native american: New arrow

Seif (sigh-eef): middle eastern: Sword of religion

Tegh: sikhism: Wielding the sword


Aron: hebrew: enlightened

Cadeo: vietnamese: Folk song

Bayani: fillipino: Hero

Amar: sikhism: Immortal

Tanek: polish: Immortal

Baird: scottish: Poet; storyteller

Divan: persian: Book of poems

Omnituens (ohmn-eet-oo-ehns): latin: All-seeing

Rune (roo-nee): german: Secret

Ragnarok: norse: Ragnarok is the Judgement of the Gods. (From
Norse RAGNA, the general plural of REGIN (God)+ROK (judgement or reason) RAGNAROEKER,
on the other hand, means the day of reckoning, when every god meets his final
destiny. The two terms are often used interchangebly.

ZoneSeek: etymological: The name might mean that he helps you
find another dimension or a higher plane of existence.




Angelicus: latin: Angel

Cassiel: latin: Angel of Tears and Solitude

Daitenshi: japanese: Archangel

Mitsukai (meets-ook-ay): japanese: Angel

Tenshi: japanese: Angel

Battle Themes:

Casey: irish: Valorious, brave

Chimal (chee-mahl): aztec: Shield

Haley: scandinavian: Hero

Kelly: irish: Warrior


Tierney (teer-nee): gaelic: Lord

Tupac: inca: Royal


Drew: greek: Vision

Mubarak (moo-bahr-rahk): persian: Blessed

Shinpi: japanese: Mystery

Haldis: teutonic: Stone spirit

Mystic Creatures:

Hiryuu: japanese: Flying dragon

Kirin: chinese: A Kirin is an imaginary creature that is part
horse and part dragon. The male is called “Ki”, and the female is called “Rin”.
It is capable of flying, and sparks of lightning shoot out from its hooves.
Kirin are considered good luck.

Kouryuu/Kouryou: japanese: Rain dragon

Monoceros/Monocerotis: latin: Unicorn

Phoenix: latin: A mystical bird who every 500 years or so dies
and becomes reborn from the fiery

ashes; rebirth or reincarnation.

Ryuujin: japanese: Dragon King (God)

Ryuuko/Ryouko: japanese: Dragon and Tiger

Sen: japanese: Woodfairy

Tannim: hebrew: Child of Dragons

Uniconus (oo-neh-coh-nehs): latin: Unicorn

Yousei: japanese: Fairy, elf, sprite; literal translation “bright
(sunshine) star”.