Place Names

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Actual Places, Otherworlds
(Geography) Female names: Fields/Meadows/Lands, Mountains, Rivers/Creeks, Valley, Other
(Geography) Male names: Fields/Meadows, Mountains/Cliffs, Valley, Rivers/Streams, Hills, Other

Actual places

Abdera: latin: Town on the Thracian coast (known for the stupidity
of its inhabitants)

Abnoba: latin: Black Forest

Africa: ?: The continent

Afton: old english: A town in southern Scotland

Arctos: latin: North Pole

Berecyntus: latin: Mountain in Phrygia (sacred to Cybele)

Erlina: irish: Girl from Ireland

Euxinus pontus: latin: Black Sea

Indira: hindu: India

Kahire (kah-heer-reh): turkish: City of Cairo

Larissa: greek: Name of a city

Narmanda: hindu: Name of a river

Paphos/Paphus: latin: A city in Cyprus (sacred to Venus)

Perenillia: italian: Island of the Winds

Parnasos: latin: A high mountain in Phocis (sacred to Apollo,
and the Muses)

Paris: french: City name

Other Worlds

Acheron: latin: River in the Lowerworld

Cocytus: latin: River in the Underworld

Elysium: latin: The abode of the blessed in the Lowerworld

Erebus: latin: The Lowerworld

Phlegethon: latin: A fiery river in the Underworld

Ryuugu: japanese: Palace of the Dragon King (God)

Styx: greek: River in the Underworld


(Female Names)



Ashley: english: Ash-tree meadow

Blair: scottish: Child of the fields

Brynn: welsh: Hill

Geva (gay-vah): hebrew: Hill

Kimberlyn/Kimbra: anglo-saxon: From the royal fortress meadow

Leigh (lee): old english: Meadow; From the meadow

Leslie: old english: Small meadow

Oka: japanese: Hill

Orlantha: old german: From the land

Shelly: old english: Meadow on a hilltop

Shirley: old english: Country meadow

Savanna: spanish: Open grassland


Achala: hindu: Steady, mountain

Hema: indian: Daughter of the mountains

Kalinda (kah-leen-duh): sanskrit: Sun, name of mountains

Samara: hebrew: Mountain, outlook, ruled by god

Shaila : hindu: Stone, mountain

Sierra: spanish: Saw-tooth mountain range

Zaltana: native american: High mountain


Ecchumati: hindu: A river

India: sanskrit: River

Induja: hindu: Narmada river

Joki (yoh-kee): finnish: River

Kalindi: hindu: Yamuna river

Kaveri: hindu: Sacred river of India

Kawa: japanese: River

Malini: hindu: Florist, a river

Nehka: korean: River

Ria: spanish: Mouth of a river

Saravati: hindu: A river

Sarita: hindu: River

Saryu: hindu: River Sharayu

Tapi: hindu: Name of a river

Tarangini: hindu: A river

Tyne: old english: River

Yamuna: hindu: Jamuna river

Zawa: japanese: Creek


Dena: hebrew: valley

Glenna: celtic: Valley

Glynis: irish: Valley

Napea: latin: Of the valleys

Tani: japanese: Valley


Alina: celtic: A distant place

Arena: latin: Desert

Arenaria: latin: Sand-pit

Darby: old english: Park with Deer

Cascata: italian: Waterfall

Caverna: latin: Grotto, cavern

Endora: hebrew: Fountain

Gali: hebrew: Spring, fountain

Holly: old english: Holly grove

Kelda: scandinavian: Clear mountain spring

Kelsey: scandinavian: From the ship’s island

Kirby: anglo-saxon: From the church town

Nairi: armenian: Land of canyons

Nara: native american: Place name

Padmini: hindu: Lotus pond

Pinar: turkish: Fountain, spring

Rhonda: welsh: The Rhondda Valley

Sabiny: latin: From Sabine

Sabrina: latin: From the boundary line

Shelby: english: Sheltered town

Sydney: old french: From the city of St. Denis

Tai (tigh): american: From Thailand

Utpalini: hindu: Lotus pond

Xena: greek: A distant place

(Male Names)



Beldon: old english: Child of unspoiled glen

Bentley: old english: From the Moor

Berkeley: anglo-saxon: from the Birch-meadow

Gresham: english: From the grazeland

Huntley: old english: Hunter’s meadow

Kenley: old english: Dweller at the king’s meadow

Kimberly: old english: Royal fortress meadow

Lear: german: Of the meadow

Ridgley: english: By the meadow’s edge

Spalding: english: Divided field

Yardley: english: From the enclosed meadow


Beaumont: french: Beautiful mountain

Erskine: gaelic: Dweller of the top of the cliff

Kinnel: gaelic: Dweller at the head of the cliff

Monte (mohn-tee): latin: Mountain

Radcliff: english: From the red cliff

San: korean: Mountain

Slevin: gaelic: Mountaineer

Tepeyollotol (teh-peh-yohl-loh-tahl): aztec: Mountain Heart


Arden: welsh: Eagle valley

Braden: old english: From the wide valley

Dale/Dayle: old norse: Valley

Dalton: old english: Valley Farm

Denver: old english: Green valley

Haddan: english: Child of the Heather-filled valley

Harden: old english: From the hare valley

Jolon: native american: Valley of the dead oaks

Marden: old english: From the valley with the pool

Rigby: english: Ruler’s Valley

Slade: old english: Child of the Valley


Arnon: hebrew: Rushing stream

Beck: swedish: Brook

Bergen: swedish: Mountain stream

Calder: old english: Stream

Douglas: scottish: From the dark water

Kelby: old norse: From the farm by the springs

Kell: english: From the spring

Kelvin: gaelic: From the narrow river

Redford: english: From the red river crossing

Severin: english: A river in England

Strom: german: Stream

Tano: ghanese: Name of a river

Wade: old english: From the river crossing

Zared (zayr-ed): hebrew: Brook


Givon (jee-von): arabic: Hill, hieghts

Hilton: old english: Manor on the hill

Kiona (kee-oh-nah): native american: Brown hills

Kipp: old english: From the pointed hill

Kirima (kih-re-mah): eskimo: A hill

Landon: old english: Long hill

Sandon: old english: From the sandy hill

Sheldon: english: Protected hill


Brodny: slavic: One who lives near a shallow stream crossing

Burian: ukranian: He lives near the weeds

Colton: old english: Town of colt-breeding

Dane: old english: From Denmark

Deverell: welsh: From the riverbank

Dunstan: old english: From the brown rock quarry

Dwayne: celtic: From the dunes

Eaton: old english: Riverside village

Elton: english: From the old estate

Fenton: english: Marshland dweller

Geoffrey: english: Heavenly place

Germain: french: From Germany

Granville: french: From the big town

Grayson: old english: Son of the bailiff

Halsey: old english: From Hal’s Island

Hayes (hayz): english: From the hedged place

Houston: english: Hill town

Kellen: german: Swamp

Kenton: old english: From the king’s estate

Lunt: scandinavian: From the grove

Lyle: french: From the island

Monroe: gaelic: From the red swamp

Neville: latin: From the new town

Nyle: old english: Island

Ramsey: english: From the ram’s island

Rodney: old english: From the island clearing

Ross: gaelic: Headland

Rylan: english: Dweller at the rye land

Sanford: old english: Sandy Ford

Sutton: old english: Southern settlement

Tem (taym): english gypsy: Country

Travers: old french: From the crossroads

Vance: english: Very high places, marshes