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(Female Names)



Abebi: yoruba: We ask for her and she came to us; She came after

Abital/Avital: hebrew: My father is dew

Abir: arabian: Scent

Abra: arabian: Example, lesson

Advena: latin: Stranger

Akanke/Amoke: nigerian: To know her is to love(pet) her

Akisatan: african: Rags are not finished (with which to bury

Alake: yoruban: One to be petted if she survives

Aleshanee: native american: She plays all the time

Alike: nigerian: Girl who drives out beautiful women

Amara: kiswahili: Urgent news

Apara: yoruban: One who comes and goes

Arda/Ardah: hebrew: Bronzed; also the month of ‘Adar'(Feb-March)

Arienh (a-reen): irish: Pledge

Audun: norwegian: Deserted

Aurkene: basque: Presentation

Awenasa (ah-weh-nah-sah): native american: My home

Ayita: native american: First in the dance

Ayondela: african: “A little tree bends and bends, as we all
bend toward death.” Based on some philosophy.


Banjoko: african: Sit down (or stay) with me

Benazir (beh-nah-zeer): persian: “The like of whom was never

Bazi: persian: Play; game

Binnaz (bee-nahz): turkish: “A thousand blandishments”; charming


Calliope: greek: Beautiful voice

Comoedia: latin: Comedy

Culina: latin: Kitchen


Dagmar: danish: Joy of the Danes

Damalis: greek: One who gentles

Delilah: hebrew: 1)poor, 2)hair

Dena/Dinah: hebrew: Vindicated

Desiree: latin: So long hoped for

Dilys (dil-ees): welsh: Genuine

Durosimi: african: Wait and bury me; Don’t die before me


Ebru (eh-broo): turkish: Marbling (as on paper decoration)

Elita: french: Special one

Emalia: latin: Flirt

Eulalia (yoo-lay-lee-uh): greek: Fair of speech

Eve/Ive (eev-ah): kiswhili: To ripen


Fannah: ethiopian: Fun

Fayina: russian: Free one

Fikriyyah (fihk-ree-yah): muslim: meditative


Ghislaine (zhees-layn): french: Sweet pledge

Gilen (gigh-len): teutonic: Industrious pledge

Gilsa: teutonic: Pledge

Giselle (jih-zel): old german: A pledge

Grear: scottish: Watchful

Gytha/Githa (gay-thuh, gee-thah): anglo-saxon: Gift


Hali: hebrew: Necklace, place name

Halimah (hah-lee-mah): muslim: Lady of patience and perseverance

Helki: miwok indian: To touch

Hisa: japanese: Long-lasting

Hitomi: japanese: Eye

Huriye (hoo-ree-yahy): persian: “Like a Houri”; Maiden of paradise

Hwistaks: yakima indian: Dress that swishes


Icimanipi-Wihopawni: apache: Travels beautiful woman

Idola: greek: Idolized

Ide (ee-duh): irish: Thirst

Imogene (ee-moh-jeen): latin: Image

Inas (igh-nahs): muslim: Well-mannered

Isidore: french: Gift of ideas

Isoke (ee-soh-keh): african: Satisfying gift

Izanami: japanese: Female who invites


Jacqueline/Jamie: hebrew: Supplanter

Jael: hebrew: To ascend

Jaione (hah-oh-neh): basque: Nativity

Jarvia: old german: To flow downward

Jarvinia: german: Keen intelligence

Jendayi (jen-dah-ee): african: Give thanks

Jin: japanese: Super-excellent


Kanene (kah-neen): african: A little thing in the eye is big

Kasa: hopi indian: Fur-robed dress

Kei (kigh): japanese: Rapture, reverence

Kendra: welsh: Knowing woman

Keturah: hebrew: Fragrance

Kiran: hindu: Ray

Kosoko: african: There is no hoe (to dig a grave with)


Lakeisha: swahili: Favorite one

Lana: polynesian: To float

Leala: french: Loyal one

Lia: hebrew: Dependence

Liana: french: To bind

Linna: finnish: Castle

Luli: persian: Dancing girl

Lynn: anglo-saxon: A cascade

Lysandra: greek: Emancipation


Machupa (mah-choo-pah): kenyan: Likes to drink

Madeline: hebrew: Woman from Magdala

Maeve: gaelic: Intoxicating one

Mai: japanese: Dance

Mallory: french: Mailed

Melanie: greek: Dark-clothed

Mia/Michaela: hebrew: “Who is like God?”

Mirit: hebrew: Sweet-wine

Minnie: teutonic: Loving memory

Molomo: african: Don’t go back (to the spirit world)

Mona: greek: Solitary


Nadira: muslim: Rare, choice, precious

Naia (neh-uh): greek: Flowing

Na’ilah (nah-eel-ah): muslim: One who obtains favor

Naimah (nah-ee-mah): arabic: Living a soft, enjoyable life

Naina: india: Eyes

Najida: muslim: Courageous; one who accomplishes difficult tasks

Nasnan: native american: Surrounded by a song

Nazli: persian: Coquettish

Nefes: turkish: Breath

Nimah: arabic: Blessing, loan

Nitara: hindu: Deeply rooted

Noella: french: Christmas

Nori: japanese: Doctrine

Novia: latin: Newcomer

Nurhan: turkish: Bright lady

Nysa: greek: The goal

Nyssa: greek: Beginning


Odelia: hebrew: I will praise God

Odessa: greek: A long journey

Oliana: hawaiian: Oleander

Onida: native american: The expected one


Pascale (pas-cayl- ah): french: Easter

Peritia: latin: Knowledge of skill

Perfecte: latin: All-wise

Persis: greek: Woman from Persia

Pogadh (poh-gah-sh? or poh-guh): scottish: Kissing

Portia: latin: Offering

Pooja: india: Prayer

Priti: india: Satisfaction



Ramah: hebrew: High

Ranaa: muslim: To look

Rassia (ray-zah): old french: Thinker

Razi: arabian: My secret

Rebecca: hebrew: Tied

Reidun: norwegian: Nest-lovely

Rekha: india: Straight-line

Remy: french: From Rheims


Sabirah (sah-bee-rah): arabic: Patient

Sade (shar-day): nigerian: Honor confers a crown

Salihah: african: Correct

Samirah: arabic: Entertaining companion

Sarika: india: Thrush

Scientia: latin: Knowledge

Seema: greek: Symbol

Segulah: hebrew: Treasure

Serap: turkish: Mirage

Seza: persian: Punishment; reward

Shala/Shahlaa: muslim: Having grey eyes with shade of red; species
of Narcissis flower

Shandy: old english: Rambunctious

Shani: kenyan: Marvelous

Shani: kiswahili: Unusual thing; adventure

Sharman: english: A fair share

Shebari: gypsy: Gypsy girl of marriageable age; bride

Sheetal: india: Cool

Sheila: latin: Blind

Shela: celtic: Musical

Shreya: india: Auspicious

Sibongile (see-bahn-gee-lah): african: Thanks

Siddhi (seh-dee or see-dee): india: Then you must have a Riddhi

Siddiqah: muslim: “One who keeps her word”

Sikudhani (see-koo-than-ee): kenyan: A surprise

Simone: hebrew: One who hears

Skylar: welsh?: Sheltering

Skyler: norse: Projectile

Snana: native american: Jingles like little bells

Sophronia: greek: Foresighted

Stesha: russian: Crowned-one

Suravinda: india: A beautiful Yaksa/Yaksha (a broad term for nature spirit)


Tacita (tah-see-tuh): latin: To be silent

Taliah (tah-lee-ah): hebrew: Lambkin

Tamika: japanese: People

Tara: celtic: Tower, crag

Tayce (tay- see): french: Silence

Tekla/Thekla: greek: Divine fame

Tessera: latin: Password

Thais (thay-es): greek: The bond

Tiara: greek: Turban

Timora: hebrew: Tall (as a palm tree)

Tira: hebrew: Encampment/enclosure

Tosia (toh- shuh): latin: Inestimable

Trilby: italian: One who sings musical trills

Trishna: india: Thirst

Tryphena: latin: Dainty


Uma: hebrew: Nation

Uriana: greek: The unknown


Vala: old english: Chosen

Valonia: latin: Of the Vale

Vara: greek: The stranger

Velda: teutonic: Of great wisdom

Veronica: latin: True image

Vevila: gaelic: Woman with a melodious voice

Voleta: greek: Veiled one


Willow: middle english: Freedom

Wilona/Willa: anglo-saxon: The desired, wished for

Winda: swahili: Hunt

Wijdan (?): arabic: Ecstasy


Xenia/Ximena: greek: Hospitality to strangers

Ximena: greek: Unknown, stranger


Yemina/Yaminah: hebrew: Right hand


Zakiyah (zah-key-ah): muslim: Lady of keen perception and sharp

Zia: native american: Not known

Zimora: hebrew: Song of praise

Zina: african: Name

Zona: latin: A girth

(Male Names)



Achilles: greek: Without lips

Akello: ungandan: I have bought

Atman: hindu: The self


Baingana: ungandan: People are equal

Bicornis: latin: Two-horned

Bitalo: ungandan: Finger-licking

Blase: latin: Stammerer

Bud: german: To puff up

Burhan: arabic: Proof


Canute: norwegian: Knot

Ceasar: latin: To cut

Cody: old german: Possessions

Clyde: welsh: Heard from afar


Dallin: old welsh: Pride’s people

Damen: greek: Taming

Damon: greek: Constant

Darnell: english: Hidden nook

Dasodaha: apache: He only sits there

Delsin: native american: He is so

Desmond: celtic: Man of the world

Drew: old french: Sturdy

Durand: latin: Enduring

Dutch: german: The German


Eli (ee-ligh): hebrew: Elevation



Gage (gayj): old french: Pledge

Gamble: norse: Old

Garridan: english gypsy: You hid

Gaspar: spanish: Master of treasure


Halden: teutonic: Half Dane

Halian: zuni indian: Of Julius

Hamlin: french: Little home-lover

Hastings: german: Swift one

Henry: old german: Ruler of the home


Ineptus (igh-nep-toos): latin: Awkward

Izanagi: japanese: Male who invites


James/Jacobe/Jacques: hebrew-french: Supplanter

Janir: arabic: Comforter

Jarman: old english: German

Javier: french: January

Jed: arabic: The hand

Jeremiah: hebrew: Exalted of the Lord

Jordan: hebrew: Descending


Kasper: persian: A treasured secret

Kenan: hebrew: Possesion

Ker: english gypsy: House


Lawler: gaelic: Softspoken

Leron: arabic: The song is mine

Logan: irish: From the hollow

Lysander: greek: Liberator


Mander: english gypsy: From me

Montezuma: aztec: He frowned like a lord

Mukasa: ugandan: God’s chief administrator


Nalren: dene indian: He is thawed out

Nelek: polish: Like a horn

Nicanor: spanish: Victorious people

Nishan: armenian: Sign



Penn: old english: Enclosure



Roldan: teutonic: Fame of the land

Ronan: celtic: A pledge


Sam: hebrew: To hear

Samien (sa-migh-an): ?: To be heard

Saul: hebrew: Longed- for

Sebastian: greek: Venerable, revered

Seth: hebrew: Appointed one

Shammara: arabic: He girded his loins

Simon: hebrew: He who hears

Sivan (see-vahn): hebrew: The ninth month

Spencer: old english: Dispenser, keeper

Stoke: english: Village

Stoyan: bulgarian: To stay


Tate (tayt): native american: Windy, great talker

Tibalt: greek: People’s prince

Tiro/Tironis: latin: Greenhorn

Tong (tah-om): vietnamese: Fragrant

Tremaine: english: Farm with a stone monolith



Van: dutch: From, of; usually used as a sort of middle name,
particularly to a title.


Walker: english: One who thicken cloth

Winston: english: Town of victory


Ximen (zee-mehn): spanish: Obedient


Yale: german: One who pays or produces

Yarin: hebrew: To understand




Akal: sikhism: Eternal

Bali: persian: Yes

Cassidy: irish: Clever

Gat: sikhism: Freedom

Neshin: persian: Sit

Omnsciens (ohmn-see-ehns): latin: All-knowing

Qadim: persian: Old, ancient

Sarkash: persian: Stubborn

Shano: persian: Hear

Sheridon: irish: Wild one

Solarium: latin: Sun-dial

Zahmat: persian: Trouble